It looks like John Constantine is here to stay. Matt Ryan has been a relatively small part of DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 3 as Constantine, but now it appears that the character is going to be a more permanent fixture of the live-action DC universe on the small screen. According to a new Report, Matt Ryan will be a series regular in Legends of Tomorrow season 4. That is, assuming that The CW decides to renew the DC series for another season.

The CW has yet to announce any decisions regarding next season's slate and, that being the case, they haven't made any statements regarding the future of the Arrowverse and what shows will be back for the 2018-2019 season. However, it's expected that Legends of Tomorrow, in addition to the rest of their DC Comics slate, will be renewed for next season. Assuming that comes to pass, the unlikely resurgence of Matt Ryan's John Constantine will continue.

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Legends of Tomorrow recently lost series regulars Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber, and Franz Drameh. With that, Matt Ryan's new status as a series regular would help fill that void, should the series come back for a fourth season. The CW recently announced that it is expanding to six nights of programming for the 2018-2019 season and will be adding Sundays into the mix. With that, Legends of Tomorrow season 4 seems like a pretty certain thing. So Constantine fans should be in luck. The schedule may shift around a bit, as the network also has the rest of the Arrowverse and Black Lightning now, but even if the show comes back on a new day, it would be surprising if Legends didn't come back next year. 

Matt Ryan first landed the gig as the demon hunter John Constantine in NBC's Constantine TV series. Despite the fact that many DC fans liked the show a great deal, it was canceled after just one season on the network. However, Ryan went on to reprise his role on episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. He also voiced the character in the Justice League Dark animated movie. It's not often that a character an actor plays on a single season of a canceled TV show becomes their calling card, but that's exactly what's happened with Ryan and John Constantine. The CW also rescued Supergirl when CBS decided to cancel the series and it's become a big hit for the network. Similarly, Black Lighting was originally happening at Fox, but they passed on it. So The CW was there to scoop it up.

The CW has also tapped Matt Ryan to play Constantine in an animated series for their Seed online platform. You can next see Ryan as the demon hunting Constantine in the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Necromancing The Stone. It hasn't yet been revealed if he'll be back for any more episodes in season 3, but as long as the series gets renewed, we haven't seen the last of John Constantine in the Arrowverse. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.