Considering the decades-long popularity of Konami's Castlevania video game franchise, the series had oddly never had a proper film or TV adaptation. That changed in the summer of last year when Netflix allowed Adi Shankar to create a TV series for Netflix in conjunction with his Frederator Studios banner. Originally planned as a film, the first season consisted of four episodes, becoming an instant hit and leaving fans highly anticipating more. With the second season hitting Netflix just days ago, Shankar is now looking to adapt another popular video game series as he's now reportedly in talks with Nintendo to make a show based on Legend of Zelda.

On Monday, Adi Shankar posted on his Instagram account that he was working with an established video game company in Japan to adapt one of their most popular franchises as a new series. Officially, Shankar says he will reveal which company and video game on Nov. 16, presumably on social media. However, it has since leaked that Shankar is reportedly in talks with Nintendo to bring The Legend of Zelda to the small screen. As negotiations are ongoing and the news hasn't been formally announced by either party, the project is not yet officially a go. A Nintendo spokesperson declined to weigh in on the subject when asked to comment, and likely will refrain from doing so until an actual deal is made.

When Castlevania premiered on Netflix, it was met with immense critical praise. It wasn't long before the service ordered more where that came from, with season 2 running twice as long with eight episodes. As of Oct. 26, the new season hit Netflix in its entirety, and like season 1, it left fans and critics very happy. Lead voice actor Richard Armitage claims that another season has already been greenlit by Netflix, though the streaming service has yet to confirm that information. It seems very plausible, however, given the positive reception the series continues to bring.

More than likely, the success of Castlevania has opened the door for these reported talks between Shankar and Nintendo. In addition to executive producing, Shankar serves as the executive producer for series. The creative direction for a proposed Zelda series could be in good hands with Shankar guiding the way, given what he's done for Netflix so far. Of course, the negotiations with Nintendo are merely for the rights to produce a new series, and neither Netflix nor any other networks or streaming services are as of yet involved. It remains to be seen where the show will premiere, if Shankar is able to seal the deal.

Like Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda has never has a proper adaptation as a film or TV series. Fans will understandably be leery about the material being handled properly, but at the same time, a Zelda adaptation feels long overdue. If this ends up happening, let's all hope it turns out just as ell as Castlevania. This information was originally reported by The Wrap.

Jeremy Dick at TVweb
Jeremy Dick