Law & Order: Special Victims Unit paid homage to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with several Easter eggs hidden in this week's new episode. Known for spending decades fighting for gender equality and women's rights, Ginsburg was also highly recognizable for her black-and-white wardrobe. As she was clearly a big influence on Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), the most glaring reference to Ginsburg is a framed portrait of the progressive icon on display in her office.

"Where there's Olivia Benson, there's the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Keep an eye out for various images of #RBG throughout the captain's office," tweeted Wolf Entertainment, the team behind Law & Order: SVU, along with a GIF of the moment for reference.

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On Twitter, Wolf Entertainment also pointed out two additional references to Ginsburg that were sprinkled into the episode. The next sighting comes along when Odafin Tutuola (Ice-T) enters the room, as a small Ginsburg figurine can be seen on a nearby desk.

And a third sighting comes by way of Benson's purse, which is clearly designed to resemble Ginsburg's attire. "Can you tell we shot this episode of #SVU in the wake of the justice's passing?" the account writes, crediting Hargitay, costume designer Juliet Polcsa, and set decorator Deb Moses for incorporating the Easter eggs.

Meanwhile, fans have been noticing other subtle references paying tribute to Ginsburg at other moments in the episode. Noticing some physical similarities between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a judge character shown in the show, one fan writes, "Is it just me or does the judge look like #RBG?"

When Ginsburg passed away in September, Hargitay honored the late Supreme Court Justice with a touching tribute post on Instagram. "As we grapple with RBG's passing, the most important way to honor her is to grow more galvanized than we have ever been," the post reads. "Yes, our hearts are broken," it says, "Yes, the political turmoil has exhausted us. But let those feelings of anxiety and fear push us to redouble our efforts and salvage the Supreme Court. We can't risk losing our rights as women and people. This is what RBG would demand of herself and us."

Many other celebrities also honored Ginsburg in different ways in the wake of her passing. That includes featuring a brief appearance of Kate McKinnon suiting up one last time as RBG during a parody segment on Saturday Night Live, after spending several years portraying Ginsburg in various sketches. McKinnon didn't speak and only placed her hand on her heart as the audience applauded. A graphic on the screen at the end of the skit also read, "Rest in power."

The RBG Easter eggs appear to be a permanent addition to Olivia Benson's office, so fans should get accustomed to catching the occasional glimpse of her in future episodes as well. After this week's episode, many viewers will certainly be on the lookout. Season 22 of Law & Order: SVU airs new episodes Thursday nights on NBC at 9/8c. This news comes to us from Wolf Entertainment on Twitter.