NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has certainly made a name for itself for its "ripped from the headlines" approach, a tradition the show will continue with a new episode that tackles the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Last year, the series shot a Donald Trump-inspired episode that featured a Presidential candidate accused of sexual misconduct, which was eerily prescient since the episode was about to air when actual sexual assault allegations were levied against Donald Trump, causing NBC to delay the episode until after the election. As for this Harvey Weinstein episode, executive producer Michael Chernuchin revealed that they will be tackling the scandal, albeit within the framework of a different industry.

"We are hitting Harvey Weinstein head-on, but it's not in the realm of the entertainment business. It's a real important episode about the rape culture in an industry, and we wanted to try and stretch the law to criminalize that sort of environment."
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After the initial expose on Harvey Weinstein's decades-long history of sexual harassment, abuse and assault, allegations have been levied against dozens of actors and filmmakers, including House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, who was fired from the hit series by Netflix, Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, who left the hit series after allegations surfaced, along with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, Arrowverse producer Andrew Kreisberg, One Tree Hill showrunner Mark Schwann and many, many more. Michael Chernuchin also revealed that the show's writers were already working on a sexual misconduct episode set within the airline industry, which will serve as their episode dealing with the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

"We were actually working on a story about airline pilots and what a boys club that is. We were beating the story out and said, 'Wow, this is exactly what the actresses go through in Hollywood. It's the same environment. So we got all of our Harvey stuff out with airline pilots."

The episode is slated to air in 2018, although no specific air date was given yet. We reported in September that the hit series is bringing back original Law & Order star Sam Waterston to guest star as his iconic character Jack McCoy from the original series. The news of this Harvey Weinstein episode was broken by Entertainment Weekly, and hopefully we'll have new details soon. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit airs Wednesday nights at 9 PM ET on NBC.