Donald Trump has been the leading news story for the past few weeks, as multiple scandals continue to break leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election on November 8. Law & Order: SVU originally scheduled to premiere a Trump-themed episode leading up the big election. But that episode has now been delayed.

NBC hasn't issued a launch date for its Trump episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but it definitely won't arrive until after election day. The decision to postpone this particular installment of the popular crime drama came down on Friday of this past week. Nany believe the show is being withheld due to the numerous sexual misconduct accusations being aimed at the presidential hopeful. TVLine first reported on this news.

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This SVU episode is titled Unstoppable. It features a bombastic presidential candidate not unlike Donald Trump, who is being played by comedy favorite and VEEP star Gary Cole. The story shows the candidate's campaign derailed by accusations of sexual misconduct. Which may explain why NBC is decided to hold back with their initial airing.

The episode was shot more than a month ago. This was well before numerous women came out accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior. Unstoppable was originally supposed to be the second episode of Law & Order: SVU Season 18. The episode has since gone through rewrites and there has been plenty of internal concern at the network. Especially since they are former employers of Donald Trump, who hosted the hugely successful reality series The Apprentice.

NBC wanted to air Unstoppable on October 26. As for now, the episode is being shelved, and an air date will be decided at a later date. Executives felt that airing the episode before the election would show them taking sides against Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

NBC is already under intense scrutiny, as the network did not initially reveal the infamous video tape of Trump and Billy Bush, which had been lying dormant in their archives. The Washington Post was actually the first outlet to unveil the shocking footage. You can expect the Donald Trump episode of SVU to air before the end of the year, no matter who wins the election.