John Oliver's brand of social and political commentary won't be going off the airwaves any time soon. HBO has renewed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for another three seasons, which will carry the talk show through 2023 on the network. Season 7 is currently airing so with three more seasons, the series will at least run through season 10.

Aside from doing well enough in the ratings department for HBO to justify such an extension, Last Week Tonight has been a massive critical hit since it initially debuted. Not only that, but many of the show's segments attract a great deal of viral attention, like when John Oliver purchased Russell Crowe's jockstrap from Cinderella Man to help keep one of the last Blockbusters stores in existence open. Oliver had this to say about the renewal in a statement.

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"We're all extremely happy to be able to continue to do our show on HBO for another three years, or until the end of the world, whichever comes first."

While most of Hollywood has been shut down for much of the year, leaving networks scrambling for programming, Last Week Tonight has managed to soldier on. Even though John Oliver and the crew haven't been in-studio for season 7, they have still been keeping the show going without an audience, with Oliver largely filming from a make-shift studio in his home. HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys had this to say in a statement.

"For the past seven years, John and his incredibly talented team have taken on topics that are both in the public mind and off the beaten path, always managing to shed new light on these subjects with intelligence and searing humor. We are beyond thrilled to continue this relationship for three more years."

Despite the show keeping John Oliver busy, the host has managed to squeeze in other high-profile gigs during his time on HBO. Most notably, Oliver voiced Zazu in Disney's remake of The Lion King, which went on to become a huge hit. The renewal comes as HBO has become part of something larger with HBO Max. The streaming service is WarnerMedia's attempt to get a stronger foothold in the direct-to-consumer marketplace, which remains dominated by Netflix. With that, original and exclusive programming that can not only draw in but keep subscribers is more important for these companies than ever. Taking that into account, the renewal isn't surprising.

Last Week Tonight sees John Oliver satirically covering the week in news, politics and current events. The show is executive produced by Oliver, Tim Carvell, Liz Stanton, Jon Thoday and James Taylor. The series recently crossed a major landmark, airing its 200th episode as part of season 7. Since making its debut in 2014, the show has amassed an impressive 16 Emmys. It also has nine nominations heading into this year's ceremony. Last Week Tonight returns with new episodes on September 27. This news was previously reported by Variety.