The new trailer for the Last Man Standing revival series takes aim at their former network ABC for canceling the show last year. The show's star, Tim Allen, was stunned by the news that the network had abruptly pulled the plug on the hit series. The actor claims that they had over 8 million viewers at the time of the cancellation, which is pretty huge in today's television landscape. However, Fox announced that they had picked up Last Man Standing back in May of this year, much to the delight of fans and the cast.

Tim Allen and crew make some pretty funny jokes at ABC's cancellation in the new Last Man Standing trailer. Allen's Mike Baxter insinuates that a network that would cancel a massively popular show are "a bunch of idiots," which more than likely mirrors the actor's true feelings, but in a sanitized way. Allen and the rest of the cast were taken by surprise by the cancellation and were more than a little angry as well as sad after everything was said and done.

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Last Man Standing returns to television on September 28th, and one can imagine that the jabs at ABC don't stop in the trailer. While talking to his wife Vanessa, Mike Baxter states that everything looks better on this new network that the family is watching on TV. It has to feel pretty vindicating for Tim Allen and the rest of the cast after fans erupted on social media and started petitions to get the show back on the air. ABC canceled Last Man Standing after six seasons, despite the series being the second highest rated sitcom on the network.

In early May of this year, Tim Allen started to tease that Last Man Standing could be making a return. He also asked fans to keep up their enthusiastic support for the show on social media. Roughly a week after Allen made his hints, Fox officially announced that they had picked up the series for a seventh season. Part of the decision from the network had been made after the Roseanne revival series did so well with a conservative character in the lead. However, that was before Roseanne Barr was ejected from the hit series.

The Last Man Standing revival series contains the majority of the original cast, but new actors have been brought in to fill the roles of Mandy and Boyd. In addition, a new character will also be introduced, who will reportedly have "a big impact on Vanessa." Thankfully, fans don't have to wait too much longer to see the show make its triumphant return. All of the hard work from the cast of the series and the intense support of the viewers has helped to bring back Last Man Standing. You can watch the new trailer for the series below, thanks to the TV Promos YouTube channel.