The Last Man Standing revival series is recasting Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison, who played Tim Allen's onscreen daughter Mandy and grandson Boyd. Sources close to the series stated that the two declined to return after Fox picked up the show for a new season. ABC famously cancelled the hit show last year, which left fans as well as the cast and crew stunned. The cancellation seemed to come out of nowhere, which made the announcement of the return that much better for fans of Last Man Standing.

TVLine reports that Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison will not be returning to Fox's version of Last Man Standing. Additionally, the report also states that Kaitlyn Dever, who plays the other daughter Eve, is still in negotiations at this time. It is uncertain if Dever will return to the show, which means that we may be seeing more recasting for Last Man Standing in the near future. The show was picked up a year after it was canceled, so it makes sense that some of the actors may have had their schedules fill up in the time since then.

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As previously noted, ABC canceled Last Man Standing in May of 2017 after the conclusion of Season 6. Star Tim Allen and the fans were very vocal about their anger over the show getting canned, which led to petitions and letters being written to ABC. Fox officially announced that they were picking up the hit show for its 7th Season in May of this year, which was just as shocking to fans as it was when the series was canceled. Allen joked that he threw his back out while doing a fist pump out of excitement.

Most of the Last Man Standing's core cast is back including Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Jonathan Adams, Amanda Fuller, Christoph Sanders, and Jordan Masterson. Co-star Hector Elizondo is also returning. The series is set to begin filming soon and will reportedly return to its normal 8 PM time slot on Friday nights, starting on September 28th. The show will likely run alongside The Cool Kids and Hell's Kitchen for the Friday night lineup. Last Man Standing will likely be pretty solid in the ratings department upon its debut.

Tim Allen's character in Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter, has been widely associated with conservative viewpoints that have made the series controversial for some audiences. It's believed that Allen holds many of the same beliefs as his Mike Baxter character. The comedian even blamed the conservative aspect of the show for the cancellation at ABC, which the network strongly denied. The same situation happened with Roseanne Barr when she came out as a Donald Trump supporter when the Roseanne revival series premiered, which has since been canceled after Barr's racist tweets. Hopefully Tim Allen's experience on the new season of Last Man Standing goes better than Roseanne Barr's bumpy ride. This story was first reported by TVLine.