One of the truly incredible runs in late-night television is coming to a close. Last Call with Carson Daly is set to end after 17 years on NBC. Carson Daly made the decision himself, as he reportedly wants to spend more time with his family. He will still remain a prominent figure on the network, as a host on The Voice in addition to his duties on Today. But the time of having Daly on TV in the wee hours of the morning are coming to a close.

NBC has not yet announced a replacement for Last Call With Carson Daly, which aired on weeknights in the 1:30 a.m. time slot. The network is expected to announce a replacement in the near future. Carson Daly, in a statement, expressed nothing but gratitude, but also says that he feels it's time to move on and is happy to let someone else step in and take up his mantle. Here's what Daly had to say about it.

"If you had told me in 2002 I would be a part of the historic NBC late-night family for 17 years, I would have said you were crazy! Hard to believe it's been so long, 2,000 episodes. It's time to move on to something new and let someone else have access to this incredible platform."

Carson Daly cut his teeth as host of MTV's TRL in the late 90s and early 2000s. Shortly after getting his gig hosting Last Call, he left MTV and has been hosting his late night show ever since. By the time the series wraps up, they will have crossed the 2,000 episode mark, which is a truly remarkable achievement. The 45-year-old host, speaking a bit further, explained that he is far more interested in spending time with his family these days, as opposed to taking on as many jobs as possible.

"My 20s was about finding a good job. My 30s was about taking on as many of them as I could. Now, in my 40's, I'm focused on quality over quantity. I want to do more with my Today family and continue hosting and producing The Voice and explore new opportunities... I could have all the jobs in the world, but none of them are more important to me than that of Dad. My family will always remain my top priority and greatest gig."

Not only was Last Call a steady gig for Carson Daly, he actually met his wife, Siri Pinter, who worked as a segment producer, while filming the series. NBC has not yet announced when the final episode will air. As for a replacement? There is no official word, but Chelsea Handler, who hosted Chelsea Lately for seven seasons, has an overall deal with NBC Universal, and could be the logical choice to bring a new show to that time slot. This news was previously reported by The Hollywood Reporter.