After suffering from a heart attack on Thursday, Award-winning TV and radio host Larry King was hospitalized for the weekend. Fortunately, he has been recovering rather quickly from the health scare, and is scheduled to go home today. For the last six months, King has reportedly been suffering from breathing issues, but it seems the underlying severity of his problems weren't diagnosed by doctors. He was planning to check himself into the hospital on Thursday for an angiogram, but went into cardiac arrest while getting ready at home. He was then transported to the hospital by an ambulance where an angioplasty was performed. Surgeons were then successfully able to insert stents into a collapsed artery, saving the 85-year-old's life.


King has had a history of heart attacks in his life, beginning with the death of his father due to a heart attack at the age of 44. In 1987, King suffered his own major heart attack, and was required to have quintuple-bypass surgery. After his recovery, the radio and TV star went on to write two books about living with heart disease, and founded the charity Larry King Cardiac Foundation to fund life-saving heart surgeries for people unable to afford them. In 1997, King underwent another heart surgery to clear a clogged blood vessel, just days before his wedding.

The legendary radio and TV star does not seem to have the best luck with his health, though despite how things might look, King always comes out ahead. In addition to his past issues with his heart, King also was discovered to have a cancerous tumor in his lung in 2017. Fortunately, it was successfully removed after surgery, and there haven't been any documented troubles pertaining to the tumor since. Still, it seems like King just can't seem to catch a break, making his fighting spirit and optimism nothing short of inspirational.


King has been working as a broadcaster for over 60 years, starting his career as a disc jockey in 1957. By 1978, King had started his own Larry King Show on the Mutual Broadcasting System, where he remained on the air until 1994. He also began hosting Larry King Live on CNN beginning in 1985, officially bringing his radio show to television. He remained a fixture on the network for the next quarter century before stepping down in 2010. Unwilling to retire, King then launched his own webseries for Ora TV in 2012 called Larry King Now, which was later made available on Hulu. He may have wound up at different homes over the years, but King clearly seems to have the desire to keep doing what he does forever.


As of this writing, King is still hospitalized, but is expected to be released today. The man is definitely a fighter and we wish him all the best with a speedy recovery. Knowing King, it seems likely he'll be back on Larry King Now soon enough, despite his recent health scares. This information comes to us from TMZ.