It looks like that's going to be a wrap on the Superman prequel series Krypton, as Syfy has cancelled the show after two seasons. Reportedly, the network is also no longer moving forward with the Lobo spin-off series, although producers Warner Horizon will continue shopping that series elsewhere. As for Krypton, there's no word yet on the prospects of the series finding a new home on another network. The decision appears to be based on falling ratings, as Wednesday's finale drew in around 350,000 same-day viewers, which is quite the plunge from the much higher numbers the series had been pulling in its freshman season.

Developed by David S. Goyer, Krypton presents a new kind of Superman story by not including the superhero at all. Set 200 years before Superman comes to be, Krypton takes place on the titular planet, following the Man of Steel's grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe). The plot sees his family, the House of El, ostracized and shamed by the other Kryptonians. Like his future grandson, Seg-El looks to save his world from chaos while redeeming his family's honor. Despite the lack of Superman, the series turned out to be a surprise hit for Syfy, and the network ordered a second season.

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Season 2 of Krypton began airing its 10-episode run in June of this year, concluding on Syfy just days ago. Unfortunately, ratings for the second season never reached the heights of the first. With the final episodes among the lowest-rated of the series, it becomes easier to see why the network passed on investing in another season of the show. For what it's worth, Season 2 performed much better critically, earning an impressive 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes compared to Season 1's 60% rating. Still, because viewership is ultimately what's most important when it comes to the success of any TV series, the positive reviews just weren't enough to keep Krypton on the air.

The demise of Krypton has also killed the planned Lobo spin-off dead in its tracks, as Syfy is passing on moving forward with that series as well. However, producers Warner Horizon will reportedly shop the series around to see if it can snag a pickup on another network or streaming service. The project was to star Emmett J. Scanlan as Lobo, which he played in multiple appearances on Krypton. Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh was also set to oversee the project. Given the popularity of the original comic book character, it seems there's a good chance Lobo might be able to find a life outside of Syfy.

At this point, fans of Krypton will likely start bemoaning the show's demise and calling for other networks to save it. Even if viewership has fallen from what it once was, the series still clearly has a solid fan base. However, while some TV shows do manage to land a new home elsewhere after cancellation, it seems to be the death knell for a series more often than not. Keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath. You can watch the first season on DC Universe, with the second and final season arriving on the service at some point in the future. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.