We only recently learned that Emmet J. Scanlan will portray Lobo in Krypton season 2. The network didn't make us wait too long to reveal the first look at Scanlan in character as the DC baddie and, well, the internet has some thoughts on the matter. It's hard to say what we should have expected, since this is the first time that the character of Lobo has appeared in live-action, but many online seem to think this is far from a home run, to say the least.

Many DC fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the first image and, even though in many ways it looks quite a bit like the character from the comics brought to life, people have not been kind to it. As one Twitter user put it, the image looks like the "lovechild of Rob Zombie and Joe Dirt." There have also been comparisons made between this version of Lobo and John Travolta's character from the legendarily bad Battlefield Earth. Despite that, Emmet J. Scanlan hasn't been deterred and he's very excited for the opportunity. Here's what the actor had to say about it in a post made to his Instagram page.

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"It's a fragging honour to join Krypton, it's a mother fragging honour to be invited back into the DC Comic world. But to take on the greatest bounty Hunter of any galaxy, Lobo?? That s*** ain't just an honour, it's a mission. And it fits like a hand to a fragging glove. A first look at our ultimate bastich, Lobo. This has never been done before. Making history. Taking risks. Balls out. Open wide. #Lobo #Krypton #DCComics #AssassinToRoyalty #ScourgeOfTheCosmos".

Lobo was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen for DC in the 1980s and is seriously a bad dude. He's destroyed everyone on his homeworld of Czarnia, making him the last of his race. He's generally portrayed as a mercenary who traverses the galaxy on a space motorcycle doing dirty jobs for hire. Say what you will about this image, but this looks like the kind of character who would be in that line of work.

Like it or not, Lobo is going to be a big part of the Superman prequel series next season. He won't just be a one and done villain, as it's been reported that he will be a recurring menace during the events of Krypton's sophomore season. Scanlan's new co-star Cameron Cuffe took to Twitter to welcome the new baddie with open arms.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.... THE MAIN MAN. #Krypton #Lobo"

Aside from this, Warner Bros. has been developing a movie centered on the character for some time, with the most recent iteration intended as a directing vehicle for none other than Michael Bay. But the small screen got to it first on this one. SyFy has yet to set a premiere date for Krypton season 2 but the series is expected to return in 2019. Be sure to check out the new image of Lobo for yourself below, as well as some reactions from fans on Twitter.