Lobo is coming to Krypton season 2. SyFy brought the Superman prequel series to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and, even though they didn't release a new trailer online, they did bring us the news that the well-liked DC anti-hero is going to make his live-action debut next year, which is certainly exciting news. There aren't a lot of details available right now, but the official Krypton Twitter account hyped the announcement with a piece of artwork and some simple words.

"Season 2 described in three words: The Main Man. #Krypton #SDCC."
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The animated image of Lobo they shared is extremely faithful to what fans will know from the world of DC Comics. He may as well be shirtless, rocking a see-through tanktop, draped in chains, sporting tight black pants a wide, creepy grin and showcasing his incredible strength by holding up something that looks big enough to hurt the Man of Steel. If this image is any indication of what they plan to do with the character on the series, this could be pretty cool.

Lobo was created by DC in response to characters like The Punisher and Cable and was meant to be an anti-hero satire of sorts. He hails from the peaceful planet of Czarnia and was born a devil in the middle of an otherwise peaceful utopian place. So just how bad is Lobo? When he was a teenager, he single-handedly slaughtered his entire people, leaving him as the sole survivor of his race. That a Thanos-level kind of crazy. Lobo is a mercenary who roams the universe on a space-capable motorcycle and is up for any manner of murder or what have you, for the right price.

As for Krypton, SyFy gambled a bit on the series by showing us Superman's home planet ages before the famed hero was even born. Instead, focusing on his grandfather. The show introduced villains like Brainiac and Doomsday in season 1. The response, critically speaking, to the series has been somewhat mixed, but SyFy gave the green light to season 2 back in May. This is just one of many DC shows currently on the air, with the Arrowverse over on The CW. Not to mention the host of shows set to arrive on the DC Universe streaming service, starting with Titans later this year.

No actor has been cast in the role of Lobo as of yet. Warner Bros. is still eyeing a Lobo movie, which has been in development for some time. Last we heard, Michael Bay was possibly being eyed to direct, but we haven't had any developments on that front in some time and he's moved on, for now, to direct Six Underground for Netflix. Krypton season 2 is set to return on SyFy in 2019, but no premiere date has been set. You can check out the Lobo artwork, courtesy of the official Krypton Twitter account, for yourself below.