Gene Simmons has earned a lifetime ban from Fox news for acting as he has for the last 40 years. The 68-year old entrepreneur has appeared on the network countless times and his behavior, while semi-milder than his onstage persona, has always been about what one would come to expect from a man who makes his living sticking out his tongue and singing about sex and rock n' roll. Simmons was at the news network to promote his new book, On Power, on Wednesday and appeared on Fox and Friends and Mornings with Maria where he acted how you'd expect him to act on live television. But it wasn't what happened in front of the camera that earned Mr. Simmons the lifetime ban from Fox News.

Gene Simmons' on-camera appearances promoting his new book went on without any problems, even as he surprised meteorologist Janice Dean when helping to read the weather and offered up some words of wisdom about the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations. When asked about Weinstein, Simmons thought that it was funny that they even asked him about the subject. Simmons had this to say.

"Okay, I'm a powerful and attractive man, and what I'm about to say is deadly serious. Men are jackasses. From the time we're young we have testosterone. I'm not validating it or defending it."

While an interesting take on the Weinstein scandal, it wasn't what got him banned. Gene Simmons decided to roam around the Fox News building on a self-guided tour, which is where the trouble reportedly started.

The Daily Beast reports that Gene Simmons was on the 14th floor to tape an interview about his book for the Fox News website with the entertainment team. Rather than do that, however, he reportedly crashed a staff meeting by shouting, "Hey chicks, sue me!" before pulling open his shirt to expose his hairy chest and rock star belly. Making matters worse, according to The Daily Beast's source, Simmons then started telling pedophile jokes about Michael Jackson and bopped two Fox News employees on the head with his book, leading to jokes about their intelligence based on the sound their heads made when he hit them. Basically, Gene Simmons came into the party like your one really annoying uncle who has had a few too many beers.

The fun didn't stop there as Gene Simmons went up to a black Fox News employee and asked if he was Al Roker, which apparently did not make the employee very happy. Complaints about the KISS Demon's behavior made it all the way to Fox News' executive vice president of Human Resources, Kevin Lord, leading to Simmons being permanently banned from appearing on both the Fox news channels, in addition to banning him from the News Corp building on Sixth Avenue itself. The ban source goes so far as to say that his picture was given to security along with a "do not admit" alert. 

Though what Gene Simmons did at Fox News was definitely annoying, does he deserve a lifetime ban for just acting like the jackass that he is? More often than not, Simmons was invited on the network to be himself and share his often-outlandish opinions on the world. Regardless, Simmons is soldiering on, promoting his new book wherever he can and gearing up for some more KISS shows. You can check out Gene Simmons on Fox and Friends below, before the turbulence, courtesy of the Fox and Friends' Twitter account.