Even the people of Arlen, Texas are practicing social distancing as seen in a hilarious photo shared by the co-creator of King of the Hill. Mike Judge, the cartoonist who created Beavis and Butt-head and would go on to develop the animated series King of the Hill with Greg Daniels, recently took to Twitter to post an image of how Hank Hill and his pals would behave in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It looks like Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill are still drinking beers and hanging out in the alley, though they're far more spaced out than normal. You can look at the tweet below.

King of the Hill ran on Fox for thirteen seasons between 1997 and 2010. It primarily follows the Hill family: Hank, Peggy, Bobby, and Hank's niece LuAnne, as well as their neighbors Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, and Jeff Boomhauer. Though co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have often talked about resurrecting the series for years, nothing of the sort has ever come to fruition. However, last year, Emily Spivey debuted the new animated series Bless the Harts, which is said to be set in the same universe as King of the Hill. There haven't been any crossover characters appearing on the new series as of yet, but Bless the Harts links to King of the Hill by featuring the same fictional Mega-lo-Mart superstores.


Ideally, most of us will be spending our time at home as much as possible. Self-isolation is one of the most important steps all of us can be taking at a time when the highly-contagious coronavirus appears to be spreading rapidly across the world. Because many healthy people who contract the virus sometimes display no symptoms whatsoever, it means that so many of us could be carrying the illness without even realizing it, passing it on to someone else who winds up seriously sickened. This lack of socialization might not be what people are used to, but again, it's extremely important right now.


Still, these little moments of levity brought to us by people like Mike Judge can do a small part in alleviating some of the tension associated with the coronavirus. Although King of the Hill came to an end many years ago, it's humorous to revisit the characters by imagining them practicing social distancing like those of us in the real world. Recently, fans of The Office have been doing something similar by scripting their own coronavirus-themed episodes of the comedy series, picturing Steve Carell's Michael Scott comically mishandling the seriousness of the situation.

Let's take after Hank Hill and his buddies in the King of the Hill spoof image above by maintaining our distance from those we know as we make it through these trying times. It could certainly be much worse, and it will be if we don't continue to take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of the virus. Please stay safe out there, everyone. The tweet above comes to us from Mike Judge on Twitter.