Longtime fans of Sex and the City might be getting good news from HBOMax very soon as rumors swirl that the streaming service could be ready to announce a second season of And Just Like That..., a reboot of the long running HBO series. And while original series star Kim Cattrall had originally refused to return for the reboot, executive producers Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King are leaving the door open for Cattrall to reprise her role of Samantha Jones in a second and subsequent season.

Originally billed as a 10 episode limited series to air on HBOMax, And Just Like That follows the ladies from Sex and the City as middle aged women in New York City. Although Cattrall will surely be missed by the fans of Sex and the City,there will be enough familiarity from the original show to satisfy the fans, the producers assure everyone.

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Kim Cattrall was invited to be a part of the revival, but her real life relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker is not as solid as their onscreen characters had. To explain her absence, the writers simply explained that the friends had drifted apart, easily leaving the door open for Cattrall to return should she choose to later on.

'There was obviously a concern that people would miss Kim and not be engaged but the response so far has been phenomenal,' a senior production source reported to the Daily Mail. 'And for fans of Kim, the door is open for her to return. If she ever changes her mind, she can come back.'

Filming for And Just Like That began this summer and has been progressing across Manhattan all summer. Overall, the response to filming has been positive, and many consider the production to be a positive boost to the city when it needed it the most. With the pandemic having put a damper on everything for the past year, it has been a boon to the citizens of New York City to see the girls of Sex and the City back in action as they progress on filming the new series.

Many of the original series' regulars have signed on for the revival. In addition to Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, other notable stars from the original series such as Chris Noth have also signed on.

Chris Noth played Mr. Big in Sex and the City as Parker's character's (Carrie Bradshaw) on again and off again love interest throughout the series and the two sequel movies. As of the end of the second movie, the two characters were married.

Playing a new character, Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez will join the three ladies as a new non-binary character named Che Diaz. Like the character, Ramirez also uses gender neutral pronouns. The character is a stand up comedian who hosts a podcast that Bradshaw is routinely featured on.

The producers of And Just Like That suggest that the revival series can stand alone without the viewer having watched Sex and the City or either of the sequel films.

And Just Like That premieres on HBOMax in late 2021.