Fans of Killing Eve can rejoice as actress Jodie Comer revealed that the delayed series is finally filming. Speaking to Tom Allen on the BAFTA red carpet last week, the actress, who plays the charming and deadly Villanelle in the series, was asked if she had started filming yet, to which she replied, "Tomorrow." This will be welcome news for the many fans who have been waiting patiently for the fourth and final season of the hit show.

Season four of Killing Eve was given the green light early last year, and with soaring ratings and continued critical and public praise it was never really in doubt. However, the shoot was originally meant to begin around this time last year, but as with most TV and movie schedules the Covid19 shutdown halted everything. Now it looks like things are starting to move again, and Killing Eve is about to start filming in the UK and across Europe in the coming months.

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Comer appeared on the BAFTA red carpet ahead of the awards ceremony, which is Britain's equivalent to the Oscars, and was happy to share some little bits of information to get fans of the show excited. After revealing how close the start of filming was, and considering she was attending an event where celebrities are known to have a drink or two, the actress responded to Allen asking "What were you thinking? Tomorrow!", by saying, "I know, don't worry I've pre-ordered my taxi, I'm not going to be hungover, I'm going to be sensible." Best laid plans and all that.

In reference to her character Villanelle, Allen questioned whether the part was as fun to play as it seemed. Comer said, "Yes, I think that's the thing I'm going to miss the most. I was thinking, somebody asked me this the other day, it's the mischief, it's getting away with all that trouble. I get to live through that and I'm not going to have that outlet, so who knows what I'm going to do."

Allen joked, "Don't go on a killing spree!" Jodie Comer laughed and said, "I won't, I can promise you that much." Well at least we can all sleep safer in our beds knowing that. With the amount of time Comer has spent perfecting her assassin personas, it would be something of an understatement to say that we would be rather scared if she did happen to pursue the interests of Villanelle for real. Thankfully though, it looks like we can just look forward to seeing her reprise the role one more time before moving on to something new - although I doubt it will be a fluffy rom-com .

The fourth and final season of Killing Eve is set to air sometime mid 2022 in the US on BBC America. If you are not familiar with the series, now would probably be a good time to start reliving Villanelle's past adventures. Even if you are all up to date, there could be worse ways to spend an evening than in the company of a trained killer, right? This news arrives from