Kevin Spacey reprised his Frank Underwood character from House of Cards in a crazy video. The actor posted the 3-minute video on social media in character as Underwood, alluding to getting fired from the show and his sexual assault allegations that have come to light over the last year. Spacey's Underwood says he received "impeachment without a trial," as he indirectly talks about the accusations that torched his career. Additionally, it was also revealed this morning that Spacey is being charged with felony sexual assault in Massachusetts.

The video has only been up for a short amount of time and has already been looked at in a negative light. Although he is "playing" Frank Underwood from House of Cards, the truly bizarre video makes it come off as if he has zero remorse for the things that he has been accused of and charged with. It also comes off as rather tone deaf. You can check out a sample of what Spacey's Underwood had to say below.

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"You trusted me even though you knew you shouldn't. So we're not done, no matter what anyone says. And besides, I know what you want. You want me back."

The video continues with Kevin Spacey in a kitchen with an apron on as he alludes to the sexual accusations that ended his career. It's hard to tell what the actor is trying to accomplish with this crazy video. Spacey's Underwood had this to say.

"Of course, some believe everything and have just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all. They're just dying to hear me say that everything is true and I got what I deserved. Wouldn't that be easy?"

Spacey's Underwood looks at the camera as if he's filming a House of Cards episode, staring at viewers. He then makes it seem like he may have been wrongfully accused. Spacey's Underwood explains.

"You wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? You wouldn't rush to judgement without facts, would you? Did you? No not you. You're smarter than that."

After the video was posted on Twitter and YouTube by Kevin Spacey, it was revealed that he has been charged with felony sexual assault. He will be arraigned in Massachusetts on Jan. 7th, 2019. In 2017, former Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh came forward to share her son's allegation of sexual assault against the actor. At the time, her son was 18-years old and said that he was sexually assaulted by Spacey inside the Club Car Restaurant on Nantucket. Spacey reportedly got Unruh's son extremely intoxicated as well.

It's going to be interesting to see how long Kevin Spacey's video stay online. Many of his followers on social media have recommended taking it down immediately, but it appears that Spacey is Frank Underwood this Christmas, and he really doesn't care all that much. You can watch all of the crazy video, which is titled, Let Me Be Frank, below thanks to Kevin Spacey's YouTube channel. It may be unsettling for some viewers, so you have been warned.