When Justified returns to the FX lineup this coming January for Season 4, fans will be treated to a new character in Harlan County, Kentucky. Patton Oswalt will make his debut in the Season 4 Premiere as Constable Bob Sweeney, a high school classmate of Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) who is asked by the U.S. Marshall to look after his father Arlo's place. Take a look the first photo of Patton Oswalt and Timothy Olyphant, and read on to see what Patton Oswalt has to say about the character.

Justified Season 4 Patton Oswalt Photo

The comedian revealed that Bob Sweeney aspires to be a lawman of Raylan's caliber, and that there are hints of a shady past.

"It's a guy that basically sorta wants to be Raylan Givens, but is not, which I think most men can relate to. He thinks he has a dark, mysterious, messed-up past, but there's hints that everybody already knows about it and doesn't care. I do get to do stuff that's a combination of, like, super funny and super funny violent. I'll leave it at that."

He also spoke about collaborating with Timothy Olyphant during their scenes together.

"There's just a lot of collaboration scene-to-scene. We'd talk in between scenes and go, 'Well, let's go try that.' Or we'd run a scene, and we'd go, 'Something's missing. This isn't necessary.' He's just very, very present and aware of what he's doing in a scene. It's kind of amazing."

The actor will return as Bob Sweeney sometime later in the season, although it isn't known how many episodes he will appear in. FX hasn't announced exactly when Season 4 of Justified will debut yet, so stay tuned.