Last year, FX's hit series Justified came to an end after six critically-acclaimed seasons. Of course, for many shows, the end is never really final, with streaming services like Netflix bringing beloved shows back from the dead like Arrested Development, Full House and the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival sprouting up in recent years. As it turns out, Justified star Walton Goggins, who played the scheming Boyd Crowder, isn't ready to let go of the character quite yet, and wants to return for a limited series run. If you haven't seen the final season of Justified yet, there will be SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

Walton Goggins received plenty of critical acclaim for playing Boyd Crowder in Justified, which marked the actor's return to the FX network after his seven-season run on The Shield. The final season was building up to the ultimate showdown between U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd, which many fans thought would end with one or the other dying, but that didn't happen. The show ended with Raylan visiting Boyd behind bars, as they reminisced about their past digging coal together. During a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Walton Goggins teased that he thinks Boyd will get out of jail in a few years, and that he would like to revisit the character, perhaps in a limited series.

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"He'll get out. Someday, he'll get out. I'll give it another three or four years, but he'll get out. I wouldn't be averse to returning to that relationship with Tim Olyphant's Raylan Givens for a very specific run. Maybe there's one more chapter to that story. It's hard to kill your babies, man. It's hard to lay them down."

Walton Goggins has been keeping quite busy since Justified went off the air last year. He starred in Quentin Tarantino's revenge Western The Hateful Eight and he's about to return to the small screen this weekend with HBO's Vice Principals, debuting Sunday, July 17. The actor revealed that he really started to miss Boyd last fall, when he would have normally went back to work filming Justified. Here's what he had to say below.

"I've never missed him as much as I did last September, when usually we go back to work. He's never more than a cold beer and an intellectual, Machiavellian comment away."

Of course, it isn't known if FX has any plans on bringing this series back for a limited run, but their parent network Fox has been resurrecting a number of their beloved shows as of late, such as the upcoming 24: Legacy and a Prison Break event series. Graham Yost created Justified, with a supporting cast that included Nick Searcy as Raylan's boss, Art Mullen, Joelle Carter as Boyd's wife Ava, Jacob Pitts as Tim Gutterson, Erica Tazel as Rachel Brooks and Natalie Zea as Winona Hawkins. We'll be sure to keep you posted if anything actually happens with a Justified revival.