Could we get an animated Justice League reunion movie? It's absolutely in the conversation right now and, if you want to see it happen, the cast needs your help. The Cartoon Network Justice League TV series remains, quite possibly, the definitive adaptation of the DC team from the comics to the screen. Sorry, Zack Snyder's (and kind of Joss Whedon's) Justice League movie. Now, the cast is game for a reunion, but to get Warner Bros.' attention, they're asking fans to help.

The Animated JL Twitter account recently revealed that they spoke with Susan Eisenberg, who voiced Wonder Woman on the Justice League animated series. It turns out, she's game for a reunion movie with the rest of the original cast. So, the account took it upon themselves to drum up support for the movie online. Here's what they had to say.

"I have spoken with @susaneisenberg1 and She told me, if we want a Justice League animated movie with the original cast, we need to let WB know. Tweet @WBHomeEnt with the hashtag #JLReunion Also, Andrea Romano will even come out of retirement to direct it!"

Susan Eisenberg corroborated things by getting in on the replies and liking the tweet. In addition, the "one true Batman" Kevin Conroy, who voiced the Dark Knight in Batman: The Animated Series and the Justice League animated series, also voiced his support for the reunion movie. He didn't say much, but he re-tweeted the campaign and simply replied with a resounding, "Yes!" So that makes two of the big players from the series who are officially on board. It's hard to imagine anyone from the Justice League show wouldn't do it, as they're all still working and have a great relationship with DC and the characters they played.


The other really important thing from this tweet is that Andrea Romano would be willing to direct. Many casual animation fans may not know her by name, but she is an absolutely legendary animation director who has worked on tons of DC projects in the past, including the Justice League cartoon. She has more awards for her work, including eight Emmys, than many of us have had birthdays. The fact that she's willing to come out of retirement for this project, which was confirmed in the replies of the tweet, is a credit to the project.

A Justice League animated movie would likely do very well, as the animated DC movies tend to. Plus, DC is launching their own streaming service next year, which they need content for. Imagine if they launched it and this Justice League movie debuted exclusively on the streaming service? That would be a nice way to bring some attention to it in the early stages. If you want to help Animated JL make this Justice League movie happen, start pestering Warner Bros. Fan campaigns like this have worked before. That's pretty much how Deadpool got made. So don't count out how impactful that can be.