The Jussie Smollett drama continues, and it's clearly more interesting than what's happening on Empire as the Fox drama's ratings continue to drop in the wake of this controversay. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is demanding $130K from Smollett to reimburse the Chicago police for their time spent investigating Jussie's 'allegedly' false police report. The Chicago police's conclusion was that Jussie actually planned the attack on himself. Now Democratic Mayor Emanuel wants Smollett to pay for authorities reaching that conclusion.

Cook County prosecutors dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett three days ago. Smollett was initially indicted on 16 felony counts for making a false report that he was attacked by two men, whom he claimed shouted racial and anti-gay slurs, poured bleach on him, beat him and looped a rope around his neck. He also alleged they shouted, "This is MAGA country." Jussie is now free and clear of everything as far as Cook County is concerned. Upon learning that the Empire actor would walk free, the mayor of Chicago went on a public tirade.


Rahm Emanuel was on fire for a press conference flanked by his superintendent of police. After hearing Jussie say he's been "truthful and consistent" throughout the whole ordeal, the mayor blasted back.

"Mr. Smollett is still saying that he is innocent, still running down the Chicago police department? How dare him? How dare him?"

Angered by his own prosecutors decision to let Jussie get off by forfeiting his bond and doing 16 hours community service, the Chicago Mayor let loose.

"This is without a doubt a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power, you'll get treated one way and other people will be treated another way. There is no accountability in the system. It is wrong, full stop."

Since the system won't hold Jussie accountable, Rahm's accountants will. The Chicago mayor plans on squeezing the Empire actor to the tune of $130K. According to sources at Variety, Stollett got paid around $20,000 an episode for his work so he could probably afford to pay the bill. Terrance Howard reportedly gets around $175,000 an episode so maybe he can loan Jussie the money if he needs it.


If the producers of Empire decide to keep the embattled actor on the show next season, they will have to weigh the distraction of having Smollett on set filming while the drama off camera continues. Jussie is facing some serious federal charges of Mail Fraud for a fake letter he sent himself that played part in the whole alleged hate crime. "The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is working closely with our law enforcement partners on this investigation," the USPS said Wednesday about the case, which carries a sentence of 5-20 years, "We are unable to provide any additional comment at this time."

The Chicago mayor who now wants his police force fully reimbursed for investigating the debacle with Smollett was disgusted by Jussie trying to take advantage of laws on the books to protect the people who need them the most.

"When you have a person using hate crime laws that are on the books to protect people who are minorities from violence, to then turn around and use those laws to advance your career and your financial reward, is there no decency in this man?"

This latest news comes from Deadline.