It's been quite the run so far for Jerry Springer on television. Ever since 1991, Springer has been serving as the host of the daytime talk show The Jerry Springer Show. Of every daytime TV series, Springer's show has always seemed to be the most controversial, which perhaps is what made it so successful. For better or for worse, the long-running show finally ceased production earlier this year, leaving Springer's future as an entertainer uncertain. As it turns out, he won't be off of television for long, as he will next be starring in the upcoming courtroom series Judge Jerry for NBCUniversal.

The show is pretty much going to be exactly as it sounds. It will consist of a format similar to other court shows like Judge Judy and Judge Mathis. Jerry Springer will serve as an acting judge, presiding over various small-claims court cases. Both sides will have the opportunity to argue their case, with Judge Jerry presenting a verdict and offering some of his trademark "Springer wisdom." It's going to be interesting to see how Springer handles court cases, as he always gave his guests an opportunity to speak on his talk show. Perhaps he won't be quite as hard on the people on his new court show, offering a contrast to some of the more rigid courtroom personalities like Judge Judy.

In case you're wondering, Springer's credentials are legitimate. He actually has a law degree and actively worked as a lawyer prior to beginning a successful career as a TV entertainer. He also served in the Cincinnati city council, even becoming mayor of the town for a year. In a way, this should be very exciting for Springer, who now gets to combine both of his careers into one for this TV program. Still, he's taking it in good fun, joking that this will be the first time in his life he will get to be called "honorable." It is in fact rather peculiar, given the downright insanity we've seen take place on The Jerry Springer Show for so many years.

In a way, Springer's show continues to live on through its spin-off talk show hosted by a former head security guard. Steve Wilkos worked as the director of security for The Jerry Springer Show from 1994 through 2007. After rising in popularity due to his involvement on Springer, Wilkos left to start his own talk show, The Steve Wilkos Show. Wilkos is notoriously very difficult on his guests, refusing to allow many the chance to even sit down as he grills them. Often, he will scream at people to get off his stage, always resulting in applause from the audience. However, it's not quite as zany as Springer's show, and very serious matters are sometimes discussed on the show. It will be around for some time to come, as the program was recently renewed into 2020.

Judge Jerry is set to release in the Fall of 2019. For fans of his who may have missed him after his talk show ended production, this ought to be good news. And for Springer himself, it's got to be even more interesting, as his career is now coming full-circle. This information comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.