Joy Behar is facing backlash after her Halloween costume from the 1970s as a "beautiful African woman" resurfaced. The co-host of The View unveiled the photo of herself on an episode of the talk show back in 2016 for a segment where she was talking about how naturally curly her hair is. The clip didn't make too many waves when the show first aired three years ago, but the issue of blackface has been in the news quite a bit lately, most notably with an image of Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam from the 1980s resurfacing.

During the original segment that aired on The View, Joy Behar's former co-host Raven-Symone had a few questions when looking at the picture of Behar in blackface. She asked if Behar was black or her "Aunt Joy," and then asked if she was wearing any tanning lotion to darken her skin. Behar then admitted to using "makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin." She again noted that the curly dark hair was all natural. Ravne-Symone can be heard saying, 'I love it, though.' As the clip cuts out. So far, neither Baher or any of her cohorts on The View have responded to the resurfaced photo, having taped an episode of the show since the controversy erupted.


Since the blackface topic is in the news again, Joy Behar is facing a pretty severe backlash from people online who think that she should be fired from The View. Former Fox news host Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC in 2018 for stating that she felt that it was acceptable to wear blackface for Halloween. Those comments quickly led to her getting kicked to the curb and now people want to see ABC do the same thing with Joy Behar since there is actual evidence of her dressing in blackface. Matt Walsh had this to say.

"Megyn Kelly was fired from her show for asking a hypothetical question about blackface. Joy Behar actually wore blackface, and admitted it, and showed a picture of it on TV, yet she still has her job."

Some people are commenting on social media that Joy Behar will get a pass for her blackface moment because she is a Hollywood liberal. People are asking what would happen if Fox News host Sean Hannity did the same thing, while comparing Behar to other conservatives. With the recent Liam Neeson comments fresh in the news, along with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam admitting to darkening his skin with shoe polish for a costume party, the Behar controversy continues. As with every issue, there are people that are defending Behar too. And a lot of people don't really even consider this blackface.


Joy Behar is far from the only person to wear blackface over the years. Cheers actor Ted Danson did it while roasting his then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg in the early 1990s, C. Thomas Howell did it in 1986 for the comedy Soul Man, Billy Crystal has done it twice, Jimmy Fallon, Robert Downey Jr., and the list goes on. Eddie Murphy famously donned whiteface for one his most iconic SNL skits, and the Wayans brothers did a whole movie in whiteface called White Chicks. Some people believe the contriversy should go both ways, but there hasn't been any outcry over old whiteface photos surfacing in recent memory. It seems that this kind of thing is going to happen a lot in the near future, so get ready to see how people respond. This story was first reported by The Washington Post. You can check out some of the Behar criticism below.