AMC's The Walking Dead is currently filming the 9th Season in Senoia, Atlanta and Jon Bernthal was seen near the set along with former castmates Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Bernthal was an integral part of the first two season of the hit AMC show, but was killed off and he's now the star of Netflix's massively popular The Punisher series. Since Bernthal was last seen filming The Punisher in New York, many have speculated that he's in Atlanta to possibly film a cameo for the 9th Season of The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus posed for a picture with a group of children and Jon Bernthal can be seen lurking in the background. Since The Walking Dead is currently in production, it is possible that Bernthal could be back for a small cameo, more than likely a flashback for the hit show. However, it's also just as plausible that he's visiting the set to hang out with some old friends during a break from The Punisher.

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Jon Bernthal is currently filming The Punisher and they may have moved production from New York to Atlanta since a lot of projects, including Marvel projects and The Walking Dead, all film there. That being said, it seems pretty unlikely that Bernthal will be returning to the show, even though fans of The Walking Dead would be massively happy about even the smallest cameo or even a flashback. Rick and Shane's relationship was one of the most popular parts of the original two seasons of The Walking Dead. You never know, maybe he'll show up in one of Rick's visions.

The Punisher started filming back in March and it's believed that production will be wrapping shortly, which means that rumors of a release date are about to start spreading. Hopefully Netflix has some footage ready for this year's San Diego Comic-Con like they did last year. Even a teaser would help to tide fans over while they wait for The Punisher Season 2. The first season premiered and it was announced a few weeks later that Season 2 was officially happening after Marvel fans devoured the whole season in a matter of days.

While The Walking Dead cameo is exciting, it doesn't seem like it will happen. However, stranger things have happened and the return of Jon Bernthal, even for a few seconds would be huge for fans of the hit AMC show. As for The Punisher, expect some news or at the very least a tease from Netflix about when Season 2 will premiere. There has been a wealth of behind-the-scenes leaked footage that has made its way online and it looks brutal, especially with the return of Billy Russo in a massive shootout/manhunt that has been teased in the leaked footage. You can check out the picture of Jon Bernthal in Atlanta below, courtesy of Instagram.