Aside from a few shorts, John Carpenter hasn't directed anything since 2010's The Ward, but that's about to change because Carpenter is set to direct a pilot written by David Hayter (X-Men). Carpenter is a living legend in the horror community after making multiple cult movies and practically inventing the slasher genre with 1978's Halloween. In addition to directing, John Carpenter is also a screenwriter, producer, musician, editor, and composer, so this is exciting news to see that the iconic director is returning for the Untitled Carpenter/Hayter TV Show.

Bloody Disgusting reports that John Carpenter is working on two upcoming TV series' for Universal Cable Productions. It is not clear if this project will be one of the aforementioned projects, but the important thing here is that Carpenter is directing the pilot for this latest project. David Hayter said, "I'm doing a TV show, I'm writing and producing a TV show that John Carpenter is directing the pilot for." Apparently Hayter is shopping the project out to networks now and that he expects to officially announce the project soon, but that is all that he said about the untitled project.

Carpenter and UCP have Tales for a Halloween Night in development for the Syfy Network. Tales for a Halloween Night is an adaptation of Carpenter's graphic novel anthology where he brings together different storytellers from different worlds to tell horror stories and the series has been critically acclaimed. There's also a project based on the Nightside literary series written by Simon R. Green, but it isn't clear what network that one will end up on. Carpenter has said that he is "excited" to work with UCP and that makes us excited too.

After 2010's The Ward, it seemed as if Carpenter had retired from directing. The movie starred Amber Heard and was met with mainly negative reviews and was not the best way for the legendary director to go out. After The Ward, Carpenter focused mainly on his music career, releasing the Lost Themes album on the Sacred Bones record label in 2015, which was followed by live performances and a second album entitled Lost Themes II. Carpenter was an early adopter of the synthesizer and his soundtracks have gone on to inspire electronic music since he did his soundtrack to Darkstar in 1974, relying mainly on his EMC VCS3 Synth. Carpenter mentioned that he never had any real interest in the synthesizer, noting that it just sounded "bigger" by itself.

There is currently no further information about the pilot, but is definitely about to get some serious buzz when it is officially announced. But for now, fans should just be excited to see John Carpenter directing again. It will be Carpenter's first time directing in 7 long years. Hopefully the break has been beneficial for legendary director and given him some ideas that are up to his usual standards. And maybe, just maybe, we'll get some original music from Carpenter in the new project as well... One can hope, right? An official announcement is expected soon.