Shudder is giving horror fans something to be excited about for the holidays. Joe Bob's Red Christmas is all set to air on Friday the 13th. The triple feature of holiday horrors will stream live at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on Shudder in the United States and Canada. Joe Bob Briggs and Shudder have made a pretty successful partnership together and it appears to be just beginning. After the holiday special airs, it will be available on demand later in the month, so don't worry if you already have Friday the 13th plans. Briggs had this to say about this year's event.

"Every Christmas we try to get that perfect mix of movies the whole family can watch, plus movies that will cause every family member except dedicated horror fiends to run screaming from the room. That's because we realize that Christmas celebrations can go either way.

We think we've achieved that balance with Joe Bob's Red Christmas, combining the cult, the classic and the bizarre in a holiday stew designed to keep you reaching for the egg nog or equivalent, and to keep Aunt Shirley complaining about your choices. In between the films we have holiday hijinks that are frankly embarrassing, because that's also what Americans do on Christmas."


The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs started in July 2018 as a one-time deal. 13 movies in one long marathon. The event was intended to serve as the end of the line for Briggs character, who is best-known for hosting B-movies on The Movie Channel and TNT back in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the marathon ended up frying servers and became a huge hit for the horror streaming service. Now, The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs is a regular thing and is getting even bigger, with a new season hitting the service next year.

In addition, the success of the first marathon resulted in more specials, including Thanksgiving Day's Dinners of Death and December's A Very Joe Bob Christmas. For now, Joe Bob Briggs isn't going anywhere and is going to continue to deliver the B-movie goodness to horror fans. Thankfully, Shudder has invested in some better servers, so we don't have to worry about them shutting down again.


Joe Bob Briggs is currently spreading his How Rednecks Saved Hollywood show on tour and can be seen next on November 22nd in Providence, Rhode Island. From there, Briggs will give the two-hour show a rest until the new year when he pops up again in Huntington, New York. For now, it looks like the Huntington date may be the last, unless Briggs starts announcing more dates in the near future.

Joe Bob's Red Christmas is sure to be a lot of fun for horror fans and for Joe Bob Briggs himself. The man has a true passion for sharing the weirdness with the world and the holidays are a perfect time to start bringing that weirdness around again. So, if the family starts getting to you, head over to Shudder and hang with Briggs for some relief. Head over to Shudder to get a free one-week trial or start paying to get more Joe Bob Briggs all of the time.