Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix acknowledged its connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its third and final season, as Captain America was directly referenced in a new episode of the show. Because we'll be talking about the scene in detail, be aware that there are mild SPOILERS below. In the opening scenes of the season, Jessica is hired by a mother to retrieve her daughter from her husband. However, when she is found, the girl doesn't want to leave, prompting Jessica to force her. Taking exception to this, she straight-up tells Jessica, "Aren't superheroes supposed to save people? Captain America never would have done this!"

This certainly makes for an interesting moment, as it can be easy to forget when binging these Marvel shows on Netflix that they're also set in the MCU. That's partially because there have not been any actual crossovers between the MCU movies and the Netflix shows, with no characters from either medium ever appearing in the other. At various points, there have been subtle references to The Avengers, but directly mentioning Captain America by name might be the most on-the-nose Easter egg yet. Of course, it doesn't go beyond the mere mention, as Chris Evans cannot actually be seen in the season.

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The premiere of Jessica Jones Season 3 on Netflix officially marks the end of Marvel's run of original content for the Netflix streaming service. The new episodes were in production when the company began putting the other Marvel shows on the chopping block, but the writing was definitely on the wall when it was announced Daredevil was getting canceled. The other Marvel shows followed soon after before it was officially confirmed Season 3 would be the end of the road for Jessica Jones as well. Still, thanks to some subtle teasing from Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb, hope remains that some or all of the shows could find new life under Disney's umbrella on Disney+ or Hulu.

Over on the DC side of things, there have been some issues with premature cancellations as well. Just recently, the DC Universe series Swamp Thing was axed just days after premiering the first episode of the season. Although it did very well critically and clearly had the potential to go on for multiple seasons, the series won't be airing any new episodes following the conclusion of the first and only season. Because the quality of the series suggests a lot of resources were put into producing Swamp Thing, booting the series could have been the result of a cost-cutting measure.

As for Jessica Jones, all three seasons are now streaming in their entirety on Netflix. Likewise, the other shows in the Defendersverse are streaming as well, including The Punisher, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. We may not ever any of these characters in their current form again, but the runs each of them had on Netflix can surely be appreciated. If you're still holding on to the hope of seeing Jessica Jones or the others come back on Hulu or Disney+, keep those fingers crossed.