It's been nearly 20 years since Seinfeld ended its 9-season run. Fans have begun to wonder if the show will get the reboot treatment. Jerry Seinfeld has now publicly addressed those reboot rumors. Will and Grace is back, Roseanne is back, so why not Seinfeld? Now would be the perfect time to set up a reboot and see where the gang is after 20 years. Julia Louis Dreyfus is about to wrap up the final season of Veep and it doesn't look like Michael Richards is up to a whole lot lately.

As it turns out, Jerry Seinfeld has zero interest in returning to the wildly popular series that changed the sitcom landscape forever. The comedian recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of a reboot. Seinfeld simply asked "why?" when asked about the possibility of a return of the show about nothing. The interviewer responded by saying, "we love the show." Seinfeld then had this to say about a potential reboot.

"Yeah and maybe it's nice that you continue to love it instead of us tampering with something that went pretty well."

No reboot for you. The comedian clearly does not want to go back into the series, which makes perfect sense. There's 9 seasons that we can all watch over and over again, quoting every piece of dialogue.

A fictional reunion of the original Seinfeld cast was held on Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009, but that is the closest that we have come to a full-fledged Seinfeld reunion. When talking about the reunion in 2009, Seinfeld mentioned how surprised he and David were that the thing came together at all. He explains.

"Larry and I both felt like this was a bit of a miracle, the way this fell together. The proof of it is that he, who had really designed the whole thing, had no idea that it would come out like this. He was very surprised. That was the coolest thing."

Apparently the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode is the closest thing that we'll ever get to some new episodes and that's not a bad thing at all.

Jerry Seinfeld is out promoting his new Netflix special, Jerry Before Seinfeld. Seinfeld began his standup career at the young age of 21 and kept at it for 14 years before he stopped and focused on the Seinfeld sitcom. Seinfeld saw the sitcom as his big chance to really breakout in a big way and said that the decision to leave standup was not a tough call at all. It's only recently that the comedian has gotten back into the world of standup comedy after a lengthy break and he continues to pack halls thanks to the hit show.


So, there you have it. No new episodes of Seinfeld are going to happen, but that's not a bad thing. With a show that was as big as Seinfeld, the pressure to do something on par with the past is almost impossible to live up to. While we wait for nothing to happen, check out the super edit of all of the 2009 reunion footage that Topher Grace That 70s Show edited together into a 9-minute masterpiece below.