Jerry Seinfeld has been accused of selling a bogus Porsche for $1.54 million and is being sued. Seinfeld is a car enthusiast and it's believed that he owns over 150 of them. Specifically, the comedian has a fondness for Porsches and he owns several, but according to Fica Frio Ltd, the 1958 Porsche Carrera Speedster that Seinfeld sold to them at auction is "not authentic." Fica Frio has now brought forth a lawsuit, alleging that the "356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster from the Jerry Seinfeld Collection," is a fake.

Fica Frio says that Jerry Seinfeld, who you know is obviously a huge car guy just from watching his work on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, knowingly sold them the fake Porsche and "misrepresented" the car. Additionally, the lawsuit states that the comedian has not followed up on a voicemail to make things right. The incredibly rare vehicle is hard to come by, which is why the price was so high. You can read a portion of the claim below.

"After being informed by Fica Frio that the vehicle is not authentic, Mr. Seinfeld orally accepted, in a voicemail audio recording, Fica Frio's offer to rescind the sale of the Vehicle and return to Fica Frio the purchase price that Fica Frio had paid to Mr. Seinfeld, plus all costs it incurred, in exchange for Fica Frio returning the Vehicle to Mr. Seinfeld. Mr. Seinfeld breached that oral agreement, as he has not returned Fica Frio's purchase price nor paid to Fico Frio its costs incurred, in exchange for the vehicle."

Jerry Seinfeld sold the Porsche after claiming that it had "the distinction of being the only Carrera Speedster known to have been finished at the factory in Auratium Green," and one of 58 Carrera Speedsters "specified in GS/GT trim." This adds to the value of the vehicle and why it's so sought after. Seinfeld allegedly told bidders that the car is, "surely among the finest restored examples of a highly sought-after four-cam Porsche." But, Fica Frio claims that what Seinfeld sold them is a fake.


Jerry Seinfeld believes that what he sold Fica Frio is legitimate. The comedian's lawyer, Orin Snyder, says that Seinfeld is "working in good faith to get to the bottom of this matter." In a statement, Snyder revealed that Seinfeld is looking to get an outside evaluator to look at the car to deem if it is real or not. Snyder had this to say.

"He has asked Fica Frio for evidence to substantiate the allegations. Fica Frio ignored Jerry and instead filed this frivolous lawsuit. Jerry consigned the car to Gooding and Company, an auction house, which is responsible for the sale. Nevertheless, Jerry is willing to do what's right and fair, and we are confident the court will support the need for an outside evaluator to examine the provenance of the car."

As with all situations, there are two sides to every story. Jerry Seinfeld is an incredibly wealthy individual who really doesn't need an extra $1.5 million, so it seems odd that he would try and rip someone off. Plus, the comedian is an avid car collector who does massive research before purchasing anything. At the very least, this seems to be an unfortunate incident where Seinfeld may have been ripped off too. We'll have to wait and see what happens when the third-party evaluator comes on board. This news was first reported by Page Six.