Jerry Seinfeld is heading back to the stage for a very unique stand-up special, which is set to arrive on Netflix next month. The streaming service struck a deal with the comedian earlier this year and we are finally getting his first Netflix stand-up special, Jerry Before Seinfeld on September 19. Now, Netflix has released the first trailer for the special, which sees Seinfeld revisiting some of his earliest bits that helped make him a household name.

Netflix released the first trailer for Jerry Before Seinfeld just a few weeks ahead of its debut. The trailer has Jerry Seinfeld taking a trip back to The Comic Strip in New York City, which is one of the clubs that helped turn him into the comedian we all know and love. We see him telling some old bits and setting them up with context to help understand where he was at that point in his life. There is also some never-before-seen footage of Seinfeld as a kid and some interviews and conversation mixed in. This looks like a must see for comedy fans.


This is just part of a huge deal that Jerry Seinfeld made with Netflix back in January. The deal will also include another stand-up special, which will be released at a later date. Netflix also picked up some more episodes of his show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you haven't seen it, the show is exactly what it sounds like. The first batch of new episodes is expected to debut on Netflix later this year, with more installments of the Emmy-nominated series expected to arrive in 2018.

Jerry Seinfeld is recognized as one of the best and most consistent stand-up comedians in the business, but most of the general public still knows him best for his hit show Seinfeld. The show ran for 9 seasons and was an absolutely massive hit and remains a major favorite, largely thanks to reruns and, more recently, a massive deal that allowed for Hulu to get the entire series for their platform. Seinfeld made the comedian a very rich man, but that never dampened his work ethic. He still writes and performs regularly and works in television very steadily, it just isn't as high-profile as Seinfeld was.


Netflix has become a major player, if not the biggest player, for stand-up comedy specials. The streaming service has released a ton of them in 2017, ranging from up-and-coming comics to some of the biggest comedians in the world, like Dave Chappelle. In an age when Comedy Central doesn't promote stand-up like they used to, Netflix is great for comedians. It is certainly going to allow for a whole lot of people to check out these new Jerry Seinfeld specials. Be sure to watch the first trailer for Jerry Before Seinfeld for yourself below.