Jeopardy! is about to run out of new episodes. The popular gameshow, which is hosted by Alex Trebek, was forced to halt production back in the middle of March due to the world's current state of affairs. Luckily, the gameshow tapes most of their shows far enough in advance that they were able to make it this far. However, the show was able to delay the release of the final episodes during the first two weeks of May with the Greatest of All Time tournament.

As of this writing, the final new episode of Jeopardy will air Friday, June 12th. Reruns are scheduled to start up on Monday, June 15th. The Teachers Tournament will conclude this evening after a pretty exciting contest earlier this week, which found Ben Henri win by $1. That $1 was enough to send him to the finals. As for when Jeopardy will be able to go back and shoot new episodes, that is unclear at the moment since there are no plans.


Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has been keeping fans up to date with his Stage 4 pancreatic cancer battle, which he was diagnosed with over a year ago. The host had this to say earlier this year, "The one-year survival rate for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients is 18 percent... I'm very happy to report that I have just reached that marker." Around the same time, Trebek revealed that he did not see his retirement in the near future, though that could all change at this time due to the production shut down. If Jeopardy is able to get back to normal soon, it is unclear if Trebek will be allowed by doctors to return with a compromised immune system.


While Alex Trebek's future with Jeopardy is unclear at the moment, he has proven to be a courageous fighter against Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and doesn't seem to let anything slow him down. As for how the show will continue, we'll have to wait and see, along with when. Maybe they'll be able to figure out some way for Trebek to host remotely with contestants appearing in front of a studio audience to ensure no cheating takes place.

Jeopardy was created by Merv Griffin and first premiered in 1964. It went through a few changes over the years before ending up in its current iteration in 1984 with Alex Trebek as host. On June 13th, 2014, Guinness World Records presented Trebek with the world record for most episodes of a game show hosted, with 6,829 episodes at the time. As of this writing, the host is still under contract until 2022 and knowing Trebek, he'll probably make it until then with the great attitude he has presented ever since falling ill. TV Line was the first to report on the end of new Jeopardy episodes arriving next week.