Sting recreated the Jeopardy! theme in his own way during a special appearance on the popular show, and fans of the "Every Breath You Take" singer are loving the rendition. On Thursday's edition of Jeopardy!, a "Sting" category was introduced for contestants to answer trivia questions about his life and career. Introducing each clue was Sting himself, and his appearance also included playing the tune of the show's instrumental theme song along with some new lyrics.

"Of all the things in my CV, everything in life from A to Z, but how I wish my ma could see, here I am on Jeopardy!," Sting sings.

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Heard on every single episode of Jeopardy!, the iconic theme song is titled "Think!" and was written by the late Merv Griffin, who created the game show in the 1960s and produced the current version of the series. In an interview with the New York Times in 2005, Griffin revealed that he created the song as a lullaby for his son, having no idea at the time it would end up netting him great riches.

"That little 30 seconds has made me a fortune, millions," Griffin said, estimating that the tune has made him "probably close to $70-80 million."

Many fans really appreciated Sting's take on the Jeopardy! theme, feeling it would have made late host Alex Trebek proud. On Twitter, one fan wrote: "Sting was just on Jeopardy. It was awesome. He sang a song using his words to the Jeopardy melody at the end of the show. Alex would have LOVED it. I did."

"I did not realize I needed Sting's rendition of the #Jeopardy Think music in my life, but here we are," another fan tweeted.

The first female host in Jeopardy! history, Katie Couric served as the guest host of the Sting episode. After the singer finished with quizzing the contestants with the clues from his category, Couric asked the audience, "How cool is that?" She follows Ken Jennings as one of many guest hosts following Alex Trebek until a permanent replacement is made, with other upcoming guest hosts including Mayim Bialik, Aaron Rodgers, Dr. Oz, and more.

There is a popular petition on calling for Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton to become the next permanent host of Jeopardy!. Burton himself is aware of the fan desire to see him get the job, and if the opportunity comes his way, he's made it very clear that he's happy to take it.

"I am a huge Jeopardy! fan," Burton said on The Week with Joshua Johnson earlier this month. "Have been since I was kid going back to the days of Art Fleming. In many respects, I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for the job...should that job come my way, I would be exceedingly glad."

Meanwhile, Sting's special appearance on Jeopardy! arrives as the legendary singer releases his newest album, Duets, which dropped on Friday. The album includes collaborations with various artists including Mary J. Blige, Annie Lennox, Eric Clapton, Shaggy, and Herbie Hancock. The video of Sting's rendition of the Jeopardy! theme comes to us from Jeopardy on YouTube.