Jeopardy! is reportedly looking for a potential replacement for longtime host Alex Trebek, and The Room director Tommy Wiseau has volunteered. Trebek recently announced his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis, leaving his future on the series uncertain. Despite the grim diagnosis, Trebek vowed to continue hosting the program with every intention to beat the disease. Still, because Jeopardy! producers had already been looking at potential replacements, given how Trebek is 78 years old and had been considering retirement, they need someone new to come in. Although Trebek still has three years left on his contract, his recent diagnosis has apparently sped up the process to find a new possible host.

Reports of Jeopardy! looking for a new host have been making headlines and are being shared around on social media. When the story was posted on Twitter, it caught the attention of eccentric filmmaker and subject of The Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau. Perhaps seeing an opportunity, Wiseau tweeted the story, adding along a simple caption which reads, "I will!" In one way or another, Wiseau hosting Jeopardy! (or any game show) would certainly be entertaining, and his followers seem to be very supportive of the possibility on Twitter. However, it might not go over very well with those unfamiliar with The Room or The Disaster Artist, as Wiseau is about as far removed from Trebek as one can get.

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Hosting Jeopardy! isn't the only possible TV gig Tommy Wiseau has volunteered for lately. On Twitter, Wiseau told wrestling superstar Becky Lynch to tell WWE head Vince McMahon he wants to introduce her championship match at WrestleMania. Lynch will be taking on Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event of the show, but it doesn't appear McMahon accepted Wiseau's offer to announce the match. A fan also recently asked Wiseau if he was going to compete in the show's Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and all Wiseau could say in response was, "I was not invited!" Knowing how unpredictable Wiseau is, chances are he would have actually took part in the bout if WWE had given him the call.

It seems unlikely we'll be seeing Wiseau on either Jeopardy! or WrestleMania. Something fans can instead look forward to is the filmmaker's next planned movie. Called Big Shark, the movie will star Wiseau alongside Greg Sestero and Isaiah LaBorde as a trio of guys targeted by a giant, killer shark. The movie oddly enough seems like an appropriate next avenue for Wiseau to venture into, with the crummy CGI for the big shark gelling perfectly well with The Room director's style. Hopefully, it will be filled with as many quotable lines and memorable moments as Wiseau's magnum opus which inspired the hit movie The Disaster Artist.

No particular names have been suggested as a replacement for Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!, and at this point, it's impossible to picture anyone else. Trebek has been hosting the series since 1984, and his presence is certainly synonymous with the show. Of course, his health is what's most important, and we continue to wish Trebek the best of luck in his battle with this ugly disease. You can take a look at Tommy Wiseau's Twitter offer to host Jeopardy below.