After finding success with multi-camera sitcom Hot in Cleveland, TV Land is venturing into the single-camera comedy arena with their new series Jennifer Falls. Jaime Pressly stars as Jennifer Doyle, a high-powered executive who suddenly loses her six-figure job and is forced to move back to her hometown and live with her mother (Jessica Walter). Without the luxury of her nanny, Jennifer tries to raise her daughter (Dylan Gelulla) while working at a sports bar owned by her brother (Ethan Suplee). I recently had the chance to speak with Jaime Pressly about the unorthodox fashion in which she landed the role, the talented cast she gets to work with every day, and potential romances for Jennifer throughout Season 1, which airs Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM ET on TV Land.

The show will be on a brief, one-week hiatus for the 4th of July holiday, but you can take a look at our exclusive interview, before tuning in to the next new episode, "Staycation" on Wednesday, July 9.