Jason Bateman was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he broke down how each upcoming episode of Arrested Development actually works, and why Season 4 could only happen on Netflix.

In what is surely a first for television history, all 15 episodes of Arrested Development Season 4 will be taking place at the same exact time. This will allow viewers to interact and watch the episodes, which will all be available on the same day, in any order they choose. If one character shows up in another character's storyline, and then disappears, the viewer can stop that episode, and skip to the next one to continue that angle of the story. And since Netflix saves where you last left off in any episode, you can easily go back and resume viewing.

Here's what Jason Bateman had to say about the upcoming episodes, warning that viewers should manage their expectations.

"There will be 15 episodes released all on the same day. I want people to manage their expectations. They are great episodes. But what they are not are episodes like when it was on that other network. We were supposed to do a movie, and we still very well might. But every time the show runner tried to put this story he wants to do in a movie script, which can only be 110 pages, it got to be...It's too big. So what he thought was, "I'll put the first act of this three act story into these episodes. So each character gets its own episode. And all of the action happens at the same time. So it can only really work on Netflix, where these episodes can be released on the same day. So, you can stop my episode if you see Gob run by on his Segway...You can stop mine and click over and watch his episode to see where he is going. Because all of this stuff is happening at the same time. In the movie, it will be act two and act three. So it's like a hybrid package. We are going to lose some people. The country is not going to want to do a lot of work that day. But it will be worth it."

All 15 episodes of Arrested Development Season 4 will debut on Sunday, May 26th.