Fans of The Golden Girls might want to check out the next project from Glee star Jane Lynch. Speaking with reporters in the backstage press room at the Creative Arts Emmys, Lynch revealed she will co-star with '80s pop star Cyndi Lauper in a new comedy series for Netflix. While Lynch at first noted she wasn't sure if she could speak about it, she then opened up with some more details about the show. Here's what Lynch said about the project.

"We're our age, I'm almost 60, she's 65, and we're looking for our next act without having had husbands or children. There will be two other folks in it who haven't been cast yet. It's kind of a Golden Girls for today."

The Ellen Show creator and Seinfeld writer Carol Leifer will also be contributing to the show. While not exactly a The Golden Girls reboot, this very much sounds like a modern take on the classic sitcom. Especially if the other two characters in the series are older women, the show could only be more like The Golden Girls if they all lived in Miami and were addicted to cheesecake. As of now, there's apparently no word on which other names may be in the running to co-star with Lynch and Lauper on the series. Netflix also has yet to comment or confirm the development of the show, which also does not yet have an official title either.


The Golden Girls aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992. Since its debut, the series has consistently remained one of the most popular TV shows of all time, winning multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards to show for it. The series stars Bea Arthur as Dorothy, Betty White as Rose, and Rue McClanahan as Blanche - three mature women sharing a Miami home. Estelle Getty also stars as Dorothy's wise-cracking mother Sophia. The series ran for seven seasons with 180 episodes overall, and although it spawned multiple spin-offs, none reached the heights of The Golden Girls.

The legacy of The Golden Girls has only gotten stronger over the past few decades. Last year, fans of the series had the chance to set sail on a Golden Girls-themed cruise, playing trivia games and feasting on cheesecake. Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose have also all been given their own action figures from NECA, a company typically known for their figures based on horror films and action movies. The series has also been adapted as a stage show using puppets to represent the four main characters, which is currently touring across many venues in the United States. In other words, people clearly love The Golden Girls now just as much as they did then - if not more so.


Jane Lynch is perhaps best known for starring as Sue Sylvester on the Fox musical series Glee. Lauper has also appeared in film, on stage, and on television in addition to performing as a singer. It certainly isn't difficult to picture the two of them together on a new series. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.