All good things must come to an end, at some point. For the heralded NBC comedy series 30 Rock, the end is near, with Season 7 closing out the show with a 13-episode run starting with the aptly-titled "The Beginning of the End" Thursday, October 4 at 8 PM ET on NBC. Series star Jack McBrayer (Kenneth Parcell) and executive producer Robert Carlock recently held a conference call to discuss the final season.

Jack McBrayer talked about one of his personal highlights of the series, an episode where Catherine O'Hara and Bryan Cranston played his mother and stepfather.

"I do have to say that was one of my favorite days of shooting, Catherine O'Hara played my mother and Bryan Cranston played my step-dad and actually Robert Carlock directed that episode and it was an entire day of me laughing and sometimes - oftentimes unsuccessfully not laughing and ruining takes, but they were both so fun and so funny and so just pleasant to be around that it really will go down as one of my sincere absolute favorite days of shooting, they were just amazing."

Robert Carlock also spoke about the vibe on the set, coming into the home stretch of the series.

"We always just kind of just have our head down and do the work, it hasn't yet sunk in. I think in those last couple episodes maybe people will start to act out and pick fights to make breaking up easier. But so far, we're trying to sort of do just normal 30 Rock stories and while at the same time driving towards endings for everybody, so there's a lot that we're trying to take into account. But in terms of the kind of day-to-day, we're used to always feeling like tomorrow's going to be the last day, so it hasn't felt too different."

Robert Carlock also revealed what it's like working with the multi-talented Tina Fey, who created the series she stars in.

"Boy, she kind of does everything well, but one of the best things that she does or sort of the thing that she has a sixth sense for is just her kind of initial reaction to an idea or to a joke. If she thinks it's going to work, it does. Her taste is just really good in a way of sensing how performance works and how an audience receives something. Her ability to hook into something, even if it's not fully formed, if she likes it, it's going to work and it makes you really trust when she doesn't like something."

With the series coming to a close, Jack McBrayer also talked about his post-30 Rock plans, and if he wants to do more movies or stay in television.

"I have to say I am a fan of television. My concern is what is the future of television right now. The good news is there's so much great stuff on, all these cable channels but I know that I do prefer comedy and the bar has been set pretty high for me just working on 30 Rock for seven years. So I have to be prepared for the next thing to not live up to, you know, maybe not live up to expectations creatively, but of course make it work. But I think in a very general sense I just want to work on fun projects with fun people. Now whether that's movie or film, I'm down for anything, really and truly I just enjoy the work, but I'm' a fan of television. I don't know what the future of television is."


You can watch as Jack McBrayer and Robert Carlock bring 30 Rock to a close with the Season 7 premiere "The Beginning of the End" kicking off the 13 final episodes Thursday, October 4 at 8 PM ET on NBC.