Ever since It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ended its Season 12 run, there has only been one question on fans minds. Is star and co-creator of the series Glenn Howerton returning as Dennis? The actor has given a lengthy update about his status in terms of returning to the show. And as he says, it's not about whether 'Glenn Howerton' is still around, but all about whether 'Dennis' is still around. He explains his frustrations.

"I don't know why people are putting out articles saying that I confirmed that Dennis is coming back. I never said that. What I said is that it is POSSIBLE that he'll come back. What I also said is that whether Dennis comes back or not has nothing to do with AP Bio. They are 2 separate projects. It is a creative decision that Rob, Charlie and I have to make once the writing process starts, which it hasn't yet. Telling you whether or not Dennis is coming back would be giving away the plot of the next season. So... to clarify once and for all. I don't know if Dennis is coming back. He left the bar. We take that plot choice seriously. I don't know why the narrative continues to be centered around whether "I'm" coming back. I'm here. It's whether or not "Dennis" is coming back. Dennis could be gone forever. Please don't think that AP Bio is taking me away from Sunny. It isn't. That's like saying that Jumanji is taking The Rock away from Fast and Furious. They are different projects. Thanks guys. I can't wait for you all to see AP Bio. END THREAD."

It was reported that Dennis was most likely coming back, but as you can see, that's not necessarily the case. It's not 'not' the case either. And Dennis' ultimate return appears to be a spoiler for the direction It's Always Sunny will take in its unprecedented 13th Season, which is still a ways off, and rumored not to premiere until 2019.


Glenn Howerton currently stars in NBC's new sitcom A.P. Bio, but his return to Sunny has nothing to do with headlining that show. Even though many have reported that if A.P. Bio doesn't get canceled, he won't be back on Sunny in any capacity. That's 100% not true. Dennis left the Paddy's Pub gang at the end of Season 12, which has spurred all talk of Howerton leaving the show. Kaitlin Olson, who also stars on Fox's The Mick is still attached to Sunny, and works around her sitcom schedules to fit both in. And while not shooting Sunny Season 13, co-creator and star Rob McElhenney will be directing the Minecraft movie. Charlie Day, who rounds out the main cast, has a strong film career going, and will next be seen reprising his role in Pacific Rim 2: Uprising.


Howerton has long stated that he could do both Sunny and A.P. Bio if he chooses to do so, as FX let's the gang have quite a bit of creative freedom. But to reiterate, he might not do that. And Dennis could be gone forever. Or at least until Sunny goes away and then gets revived in the far away future. You can check out Glenn Howerton's Tweets here.