It feels absolutely crazy to say, but It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air for eleven seasons, and still has at least a couple more to go. In that time, we have learned a lot about the characters on the show, but did we all miss something huge in the subtext? A popular fan theory proposes that we all very well may have. Buckle up, because it look like Dennis Reynolds may actually be a serial killer.

YouTuber Ryan Hollinger recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that takes this theory and puts it under a microscope. When you first hear the theory, it sounds absolutely crazy, but as Hollinger digs in, it becomes clear that this isn't your average fan theory. One of the main cruxes of his argument is that he uses FBI criminal profiling to identify that Dennis would be an "organized killer." With some of the evidence from the show sited, given that in mind, such as the zip ties, gloves and duct tape in his trunk, his narcissism and of course, his superiority complex, the evidence stacks up pretty quickly.

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After the FBI criminal profiling, Hollinger then gives the most compelling bit of his argument. He makes a very uncanny comparison between Dennis and the famous serial killer Ted Bundy. Hollinger explains that many modern experts believe that Bundy had what is known as narcissistic personality disorder, and it seems like Dennis may have the same thing. Here is how he explained it.

"Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which sees an individual have a dramatically inflated sense of self importance, a need for admiration, a lack of empathy towards others, and the individual is said to mask their low self-esteem with overconfidence. A bit like Dennis Reynolds"

There is a lot more evidence presented in the video, with one particularly damning example coming from the episode "Mac is a Serial Killer." In that episode, Dennis is disappointed when he realizes that he and Dee aren't actually planning on killing the waitress. Not only that, but he also compliments the work of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. What is also interesting is that Hollinger explains that the show seems to be aware of its references to these things. Here is how he puts it.

"The show isn't unaware of its references to real life serial killers and psychology. For example, Ted Bundy decapitated several victims, and kept their heads in his apartment as a souvenir of the event. In the ironically titled episode 'Mac Is a Serial Killer,' the gang finds severed heads in the real killers fridge"

As with all fan theories, they are really fun to look at and think about, but they often aren't true, and this is no exception. Hollinger spends a decent amount of time in the video also explaining that if Dennis were actually a serial killer, it would destroy the overarching joke for his character and change the way we look at the show. It is still very impressive how much evidence is there, especially when Dennis Reynolds talks about "the implication." Be sure to check out the video for yourself below.