The Office will bring it all to a close on May 16 with the hourlong Season 9 episode Series Finale. For a while now, NBC, producers, and Steve Carell himself have insisted that Michael Scott would not be returning for this swan song. But they may have been pulling a fast one on us, holding out for the ultimate surprise.

Rumors are swirling that Steve Carell was actually convinced to come back for a short cameo during this historic final episode. The actor's rep has confirmed that Steve Carell was on set for the final taping, but would not confirm his participation in the shooting of a scene.

Producers aren't confirming his appearance either, but they aren't denying it. A source close to the show stated,

"Don't rule anything out."

Executive producer Greg Daniels, who insisted that Steve Carell would not be returning, is now refusing to comment on the cameo appearance at all.

It seems quite possible that Steve Carell will return one final time as Michael Scott to send The Office quietly off the airwaves. Are you excited for his possible return?