Last week, we reported that Kathy Bates signed on to star in Season 3 of FX's horror anthology series American Horror Story. Actor Dylan McDermott was recently asked about how perfect the actress is for the show, and, in doing so, dropped a tantalizing tidbit about what the new season is really about.

"She really is. All the witches of Salem...there's plenty of them!"

Back in January, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the season, "is more historical in nature," and is, "about female power." He also said that the new batch of episodes will take place in multiple cities, and it seems one of them will surely be Salem, Massachesetts.

While Dylan McDermott seems to know what this season is about, he isn't completely sure that he will be back this fall.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm making a pilot for CBS, so I'm not quite sure what's going to happen. I can juggle both, I could definitely do that."

Actress Lily Rabe was also asked about what character she will portray, although she wouldn't reveal any specifics.

"I want to do something different, whatever that means. And I know that's what will happen, because that is such a part of the project of the show. And Ryan I think was so successful with those of us that he brought back, giving us such incredible things to do. I'm really excited to go back."

Season 3 of American Horror Story will debut this fall on FX.