It's the Crocodile Hunter Family to the rescue. The wife and children of late Australian zookeeper and television personality Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin have been helping hundreds of injured animals affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia. With over 15 million acres of Australian land scorched by the flames, the fires have now claimed the lives of at least 24 people and an estimated 500 million animals. Many others managed to escape the flames with serious and life-threatening injuries, but the Irwins are working around the clock to bring aid to as many creatures as they possibly can.

In a recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Steve Irwin's wife and son provided an update on their ongoing efforts to treat the surviving animals. Terri Irwin, Steve's widow and the owner of the Australia Zoo, explained how the family and other wildlife experts have been doing emergency fundraising to build more facilities to accommodate the displaced and injured animals. "We're at capacity right now for koalas, we're over capacity for fruit bats and we are seeing a number of other animals," Terri claims.

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Terri and Steve's son, Robert Irwin, is also very shaken and on the verge of tears as he speaks about the devastation caused by the Australia wildfires. "It's really sad to see," Robert says, noting they are doing their absolute best to help hundreds of affected animals but their facilities are quickly getting overrun. Additionally, Robert explains how fleeing from the fires has resulted in many other types of injuries beyond those related to burns or smoke inhalation. "They're crossing roads, getting hit by cars, coming into contact with domestic animals, so there's a lot of different injuries that we're getting," he says.

The Irwins also stress just how many different animals have been injured. Terri explain, "Koalas make the headlines, but everything is getting injured, birds, reptiles, you name it. And the people on the front lines are doing a great job, but their facilities are getting evacuated." Robert also notes that their fruit bat intake alone has gone up by about 750%, and as the fires continue to rage, more and more of these animals are desperately needing help.

Also on the show, Robert touched on his late father and how the efforts made by the Irwin family to help animals does a lot to honor Steve Irwin's legacy. Though the legendary wildlife expert passed away in 2006, he remains very fondly remembered by his fans and it's extraordinary to see his work continue by way of his Crocodile Hunter family. "I think in this day and age, our wildlife all over the world, are having a really tough time and it's important for everyone to step up and do their part, but we are really excited to get to honor him in times like this, with the wildfires. I know he would have been in a lot of distress with what's going on," Robert noted.

Terri also told viewers on Fox and Friends there's a way to help with monetary donations. Those looking to contribute can do so at "The funds are going directly to medical supplies that we're sending south and adding facilities and helping these animals that need it so much," Terri explains. Even if you have only a few bucks to spare, it can go a long way if enough of us chip in, so please consider doing so to help these animals in need. This news comes to us from Fox News.