At San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Television made a bit of a splash revealing more about the second season of Iron Fist, which already promises to be better than the first season. One of the clips teased at Comic Con featured a fight between Iron Fist and the villain Davos, with both characters wearing the classic yellow masks from the comics. While this clip was not released online, a still image from the clip featuring Davos in the mask has now been leaked on Reddit.

What Marvel did release online for Iron Fist Season Two was a minute long teaser that, all things considered, may have been better than the entire first season. While Season One may have been a serious bump in the road for the Marvel Netflix shows, Season Two is in new hands and should be a fresh start for Danny Rand, perhaps carrying the essence that made the comics so enjoyable. Based on what we have seen so far, this essence will be incredibly present and will make the show wildly entertaining.

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The best sign that Iron Fist Season Two will be more like the comics was the clip aired at Comic Con featuring Iron Fist with his yellow cloth mask. The yellow mask was the most iconic part of his suit from the comics, outside of the dragon logo on his chest. While the first season of Iron Fist did feature the dragon logo, it never featured any other pieces of his costume in an attempt to maintain the darker tone set by the previous Marvel Netflix shows. All in all, it's great to see the mask finally on screen, even if it took nearly two years.

Based on what we know so far, the plot of Iron Fist Season Two will focus a bit more on Danny Rand settling into life in New York City, stepping up to become the city's new guardian. In the absence of the Hand, Iron Fist should be able to thrive more as a character, fighting enemies because it's right rather than just fighting them because he is supposedly destined to. Here's the official synopsis for Iron Fist Season Two.

"Iron Fist Season 2 features ​Danny Rand (Finn Jones)​ ​as he fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist. Season 2 furthers the transformation of Danny​, a character with a fish out of water coming of age story making his way in a harsh new world, battling to work out who he is. This season, Dann​y​ has promised that with Matt Murdock gone, he will step up and protect his city. ​But a sinister plot twist threatens his very identity ​and he must conquers his villains to protect the town and people he holds close to his heart."

Based on the revealed plot, and this awesome look at the yellow mask revealed by Redditor Rookie875, it's safe to say that Iron Fist Season Two will not be a season Marvel fans will want to miss. Whereas Season One was passable at best, Season Two looks like it will match the classic Iron Fist from the comics with a truly entertaining plot. You can watch the second season of Iron Fist on Netflix on September 7th, 2018.