This week we dive Into the Badlands we get an actual appearance of Baron Chau (Eleanor Matsuura) this episode as the story starts off at her White Bone Manor where we find her talking to a man she has locked up behind bars. After a few minutes, we discover it is actually her brother, Gaius (Lewis Tan), who she has been imprisoned for the last 18 months for trying to free her cogs. Many of us have disagreements with family but I doubt most of us have the option to literally lock our siblings up! But she has an offer for her brother, to go and kill this man named Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) who broke through her checkpoint and killed her soldiers. Gaius initially refuses but Chau had anticipated his decision and has lined up his followers who tried to free her cogs. She kills one and threatens to kill all of them if he doesn't agree to help. Gaius looks very pained in having to make this decision but he agrees to do as she asks. He already seems like a better guy than his sister. Chau shows him a map of the island where Pilgrim is at and tells him not to come back without Pilgrim's head or she'll kill 50 cogs.

After being successful in taking out Chau's sniper last episode, Sunny (Daniel Wu) and Bajie (Nick Frost) are venturing through some mountain terrain when they come upon an old blind man (Richard Bremmer) sitting in a little camp by himself. He invites them to sit down, rest, and he'll feed them some dinner. He's a frail, old blind man--what could go wrong? They would quickly find out the next morning because the old man put something in their food to knock them out. When Sunny wakes up, Henry and the old man have both disappeared! But Sunny is a resourceful tracker and they follow his footprints to a hatch which when they open it goes underground to a very old and abandoned medical facility. There are over a dozen jars with baby fetus in them which is a disturbing look even for the wastelands. As Sunny looks at the walls he notices Quinn's armadillo symbol and quickly tells Bajie they need to leave. But just as they start to make their way out, a group of men with swords and dressed just like the old man they are tracking pull out their weapons and surround them. It appears they will be reunited with Henry very soon.

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Sunny isn't the only person looking for someone as Nathaniel Moon (Sherman Augustus) has now made his way to the camp at the front lines of the battlefield where he introduces himself to Arthur (George Sear) as the new Regent. When he is told the new Regent has already has been through there, Moon pulls out a "Wanted" picture with Sunny's face on it. Realizing his mistake, Arthur fills him in on them coming through with a child and saying they were seeking a healer. When Moon goes to leave, Arthur is upset that he hasn't brought any supplies or reinforcements and denounces the Widow's (Emily Beecham) leadership skills. This earns him a blade through the shoulder and a relief of his command. That's what you get when you want to play with the big boys.

Now back at the refugee camp, MK (Aramis Knight) is already wanting to leave so he can pursue and kill Sunny for murdering his mother. Tilda (Ally Ioannides) tries to explain to him that all this fighting and killing is not solving anything and it needs to stop. She reminds MK that Sunny has already lost his wife and has a son to raise but he doesn't care. Odessa (Maddison Jaizani) is the only voice of reason that convinces Tilda that the boy she knew is gone. And with that MK leaves and Tilda just watches him go.

Speaking of the Widow, she's upset because many of her workers are leaving her camp to go and follow Pilgrim and his quest for the fabled city of Azra. Seeing as she needs to nip this problem in the butt right away her and Lydia (Orla Brady) make plans to visit him in person.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Bajie are all chained up and looking at limbs from human bodies that are hanging from the ceilings. When people are blind, I'm sure they don't have much knowledge of good interior decorating. The old man from earlier appears and with him is a woman (Alexandra Moen), also blind, carrying baby Henry. It appears he is the leader of this group and they have decided on making Sunny an offer because they feel it is important for Henry to grow up with his father. Join their group or suffer the fate of being the next meal for all of them to enjoy. They have adopted the cannibal lifestyle because they believe eating human flesh is healthier because everything in the wasteland is poisoned. Well then it would seem to join their group is the easy answer, right? Except that if you do, you have to sacrifice your sight and be blind like all of them. These are two terrible options! They are given one day to decide and are taken away.

After they are chained up and left in another room, Sunny tells Bajie that he actually knows who these people are. A long time ago, a band of renegade Clippers took Quinn's son and tried to demand a ransom. Sunny went with his mentor Waldo (David Alexander) to track them down and make them pay for messing with the wrong Baron. After they rescued Quinn's son, their punishment was not death but to be blinded for life. As one of his first duties as a Colt, Sunny had to blind a woman himself by stabling out her eyes. Now he feels he is being punished for those actions he committed back then.

Over at Pilgrim's island base, Nix (Ella-Rae Smith) confides in Cressida (Lorraine Toussaint) that she is worried about Castor's (Dean-Charles Chapman) health. Cressida tells her not to worry for "some must die so that others can live" and also explains that a new dark one has emerged and she needs to go find them. Wait a minute, MK's powers DID just reemerge, is that a possibility? Cressida gives her a machine that looks like a Geiger counter for radiation detecting and tells her to bring this person back to them. Nix doesn't want to leave Castor but Cressida tells her that soon she will have a new brother or sister standing by her side.

The Widow and Lydia arrive at the island just as Nix is getting ready to leave herself and Minerva notices the device she is carrying in her hand. Once inside the Widow and Lydia both speak to Pilgrim and Cressida about their differences on the subject of the city of Azra. While they believe they have faith and are taking their people to a paradise on Earth, Lydia sees it as more of a cult that is hustling folks for their own reasons.

While this is all going on, unbeknownst to them, Gaius and his team have arrived on the island, are quietly killing guards, and making their way into the building. They eventually find Pilgrim and the Widow and just as they are about to strike, Minerva spots Gaius and saves Pilgrim from an arrow shot at his head. All parties partake in a battle that forces the Widow and Lydia to fight alongside Pilgrim against Chau's men. Castor activates his Gift and after taking out a few men goes one-on-one against Gaius himself. While it isn't an easy task for them, in the end, Pilgrim and the Widow are able to defeat Chau's soldiers with Cressida coming to Lydia's aid just like Minerva had done for Pilgrim. Upstairs, Gaius puts up a strong effort against Castor but he ends up taking a blade through his left shoulder. Castor is presumptuous to think that he has killed Gaius, but we see later that he does in fact survive. Not knowing if the Widow is actually a threat or not, Castor goes to attack her, but Pilgrim stops him just by putting his hand on his shoulder. He utters the words "Peace be with you" and it shuts his Gift off instantly. The Widow is amazed by this power and when she asks him how he is able to do that he just answers that he has been blessed by God with the ability. Pilgrim accuses the Widow that she is part of this attack but when Lydia shows them that the enemies all have the brand of Chau's mark he realizes his mistake. Realizing they have no reason to be enemies, Pilgrim invites her to join his cause but Minerva has no interest. They agree to be at peace as long as Pilgrim doesn't continue on recruiting her workers.

Checking back in on Sunny and Bajie, the blind woman approaches them and says there is something wrong with the baby. He tells her how they are trying to get his son to the woman Ankara but she tells him that "the witch" helps no one. Thanks for the comforting thought blind lady. She talks about how she knows Henry isn't dying because she's watched all her children die. Turns out all the dead babies in the jars are hers and she just can't seem to let them go. Blind, cannibals, babies in jars, is this Into the Badlands or a John Carpenter film? She goes on to tell the story of how they were running away from a Baron but instead got caught and blinded for their actions. Sunny's guilt is too much to bear for him and he confides in her that he was part of the group that did that to them (facepalm to forehead emoji). We know you're an honorable man Sunny but not the best play. As they finish their conversation the leader brings down a silver hand that looks like the one Moon has and a man with a hood over his head. When he removes it, we discover it is Moon who they were able to get him with the same trap they did on Sunny and Bajie.

We find Nix using her device and following the needle as it keeps moving and it appears she is tracking a nearby MK. Suddenly he is shot with something that knocks him out and he can see through blurry vision several men with weapons about to attack him. But then out of the woods comes Nix and doing her best Wolverine impression slashes up all the men and rescues MK, who properly passes back out.

Sunny tells Moon that he's going to need his help if they are to escape out of there so using Bajie's boots he is able to pull the table over that has Moon's replacement hand. At this time, the blind cannibals (I can't believe I keep tying that) come back and want Sunny's decision if he'll join them. When he refuses, they go to attack but using Moon's weaponized hand he is able to take out the three foes and get the keys to free themselves. When he asks Moon to help then he is still stuck on fighting Sunny so they leave him chained up. Using the blind men's disability against them they are able to sneak up behind several men and take them out. The last four take some actual skills with Sunny slicing two men with his sword and Bajie finding a way to crush his two underneath a metal bed frame. One traditional and the other requiring some out-of-the-box thinking. With all of her people defeated, the blind woman gives Henry back to Sunny and realizing there is nothing left takes her own life. A grim fate for her but I can't see how she would be able to get any more lonely travelers to eat acting by herself.

They go to free Moon and he's still bent on fighting Sunny to restore his stupid honor which is so annoying at this point. Once they are back topside Moon tells Sunny to pick up his sword so they can finish things. Sunny tells him that he is the one responsible for what happened to all the blind people they just killed because he was following his Barons orders. He is tired of trading "blood for blood" and won't do it anymore. He gives Moon back his sword that he took from him and says if he wants to kill him, know that he will have to go on and raise Henry. Moon makes the gesture like he's going to strike but stops and says he can't because he won't deny Henry the chance that he was denied as well. A little peek into Moon's past that just validates how he turned out even more. Moon tells him, "My honor has been satisfied" but I think he should simply be appreciating he would be some cannibal's dinner if it wasn't for Sunny. He leaves with the final message of warning Sunny not to come back to the Badlands because the Widow still wants him dead.

So now that Moon is off his tail is Sunny free to just get Henry help? Is MK going to join the Pilgrim's ranks? And what is the Widow going to do about the fact that MK, Tilda, and Sunny are all out there? We'll see next week on AMC.

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