The title of the latest Into the Badlands episode is very fitting. Leopard Snares Rabbit start off with a peek inside the camp of the Iron Rabbit aka Tilda (Ally Ioannides) who with her favorite girl Odessa (Maddison Jaizani) are strategizing their next move. They get a message from a carrier pigeon simply stating "Get out now" but before Tilda can barely even give an evacuation order the Widow's (Emily Beecham) troops have shown up to take her and the other Rabbits out. When they notice that Tilda, their former comrade is, in fact, THE Iron Rabbit they are even angrier at her betrayal. I guess they figured she was off on a farm milking cows or something less rebellious. Even though they seemingly outnumber her, Tilda is in no way scared by the odds and she flings a throwing star to take out several of them and then makes quick work of the rest. But that would be the easy part as out of the shadows comes Nathaniel Moon (Sherman Augustus) and we all know he's not going to fall as easily.

They start a match that takes them out of the camp and into the woods but when Tilda can't best Moon she tries to make a run back to check in on her Rabbits who are fighting off the Widow's remaining forces. Moon follows her back and when she tries to stand up to him again he knocks her off a roof rendering her unconscious but Odessa jumps in to save her. While she has some Rabbits take Tilda out of there to safety, Odessa puts herself in harm's way and tries to fight Moon but his experience is too much for her. I was so nervous saying in my head 'don't kill Odessa!' Thankfully Moon just gave her a boot to the face and my heart resumed beating.

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Now we go off to the grim front lines of the Baron war between the Widow and Chau's forces where Sunny (Daniel Wu) and Bajie (Nick Frost) are driving disguised in their blue uniforms pretending to be part of the Widow's ranks. There is destruction and corpses everywhere that properly shows this battle has been taking a toll on both sides. They arrive at the outpost which is in a torn up large house that is serving as the equal parts home base and care center for the wounded. After they meet the doctor and the way young kid named Arthur who is in charge they give them the lie that the child they have is important to the Widow and needs to be escorted across the front lines.

They don't seem to even argue with that but there's a bigger problem. There is a narrow road lined with tall buildings on both sides that have been impossible to go down because there are snipers in the windows that have been shooting anyone with poison-tipped arrows. Even if you are lucky enough to escape wounded, the poison will still kill you. So Sunny acts like that he is the new Regent in charge and gives the order that they are going to make another effort to try and make it through. Good thing there are no cell phones in this day and age!

Miles away, Lydia (Orla Brady) is taking up her new position as the Widow's Viceroy and moving into her deceased son's old residence to start supervising the poppy harvest. We see Odessa get brought in shackled in chains and as she eyes Lydia it is obvious who gave up their base. Odessa is put in an iron cage and the Widow lets her know she is aware of Tilda being the Iron Rabbit. But the information she wants out of Odessa is who tipped them off with the carrier pigeon message. I don't understand how they found that tiny piece of a scroll in the dirt but it does make things more interesting. Naturally, Odessa isn't giving up any information but does she even know who sent it?

The Widow gives up for now and leaves Odessa to be interrogated by one of her minions but leaves with the order, "keep her pretty for now," because she doesn't want to upset Tilda for beating up her girlfriend. I would like to thank the Widow for this gesture as well. She goes up to her Regent Moon and tells him she wants to know who the spy is that sent the carrier pigeon. Before we leave the Widow she heads up to check in on M.K. (Aramis Knight) who has now been strapped down to his bed because he tried to overdose on opium last episode. She comes in and cuts him quickly to see if his actions caused any change but nothing happens. When she asks him what he saw in his drugged out state he lies and tells her just a tunnel with voices calling him and her dead body lying in blood. Nice imagery kid, but we all know it's far from the truth.

Back on the front lines, Sunny, Bajie, Arthur, and a new girl named Wren make their first attempt to get through the sniper fire by using mirrors to reflect the sun and blind the sniper(s). The plan seems to actually work for a short while until Wren gets shot with an arrow in the knee. As she is exposed in the open and screaming in pain, the sniper puts two more arrows in her leg to try and flush Sunny and Co. out. It works too as Sunny's good-hearted-self goes back for her and with the others help throws her into an abandoned truck for cover and drive it backward shielding them from an onslaught of arrows. While the mission is an overall failure, Sunny deduces that there is in fact only one sniper to take out. It's always the new people that have to screw everything up.

Nathaniel Moon pays Lydia a visit and lets her know that he recognized her handwriting on the carrier pigeon message. She has no problem admitting it because she is confident that Moon isn't so dedicated to this war in the Badlands to sell her out. She's actually surprised he's come back to this life but Moon tells her it is only to get his revenge on Sunny and Bajie for dishonoring him after their fight. But he also lets her know that Sunny doesn't have to be his only reason to stay because he still has feelings for her. I did not see that revelation coming! So maybe Moon hasn't always been such a cold and emotionless statue? But Lydia doesn't seem to be interested in revisiting Lovers Lane and reminds him that Regents need to be without love and mercy or it will get him killed. I can't tell if Lydia feels like she is helping him or just completely over whatever they had in the past. If anything he is protecting her because he burns the message before he leaves so there is no longer any evidence.

Even though they get Wren back for medical care it seems like it will most likely be a futile effort. The poison is in her and they have no way to stop it. The only action the doctor can come up with is to cut her leg off but she is worried that without morphine the shock will kill her. Bajie tells her to just do it and he will take care of her pain. Right before the doctor is about to cut her leg off with a frickin hacksaw of all things, Bajie uses his abilities from his days at the monastery to administer a soothing power to her neck that keeps Wren unconscious. It looks like a scene out of a Civil War film but the procedure works and Wren survives the crude operation. Unfortunately, the next day when Bajie goes to check in on her he doesn't get the gratitude he was expecting. Instead, Wren is angry with him because she can't fight anymore or pick poppies so what life is she going to be able to have? Bajie tries to be positive and tell her that things will change in this world eventually but she says it will be too late for her. With a hateful heart, she tells him to go away and he leaves with just saying "Sorry."

Meanwhile, Lydia isn't done getting visitors for the day as Tilda sneaks into her office and puts a blade to her throat. She is very aware that the new Viceroy must've given up their hideout but Lydia also says she showed her loyalty by sending the message to warn them. Tilda thinks that Odessa is dead but Lydia lets her know that she is still alive. But then she still lets her have it because she is working under the Widow's command and Lydia defends her position by saying this way she can help out all the refugees. Tilda still sees it as switching sides but Lydia advises her on sometimes you have to make compromises to get what you want. She also says that Tilda will have to find her own way to do this but that she knows she has all the ability to be a great leader if she is just willing to "play the game." The politics of society have still stayed the same even in a post-apocalyptic world.

Now it is nightfall and while Baji is tending to Wren, Sunny gets Arthur and some troops to make another attempt at taking down the sniper. His idea is to fire off flaming arrows because the flare of the flames will blind the sniper's view. When this happens Sunny is able to sneak into the building and confront him head-on. Once inside it's a game of cat and mouse as the two try to find each other among the many levels of the structure. When they finally do, Sunny shoots out a fire extinguisher to make a smoke screen so he can get the jump on him.

This turns into a very intense hand-to-hand combat fight which ends with Sunny spinning the sniper around and holding his chest out as he trips a booby trap that shoots an arrow into him. With the sniper wounded and defeated, he turns him over to Arthur to take him in as a POW, but Arthur has a different plan and slashes the man's neck killing him instantly. Sunny confronts Arthur and reminds him that he gave him an order but Arthur replies with "he got what he deserved." Sunny picks up a blade and it seems from the scared look in Arthur's face that he's about to be punished for his actions, but instead, Sunny tosses the blade and walks away. I'm sure he just gets so tired of killing everyone. Arthur is so young and dumb that surely he will meet his fate soon enough.

After her enlightening conversation with Lydia, Tilda goes to the Widow's compound and demands to speak with her. Once inside Tilda presents the Widow with saying she will stop attacking her convoys if she gives her back Odessa. The Widow counter offers by saying she will give her what she wants if she comes back to join her forces. She even tries to sweeten the deal by saying she'll give her supplies to help the refugees. Tilda pushes a little more and says she'll take the deal if the Widow gives her M.K. To which we are taken inside a room and shown one of the Widow's goons pouring some crazy liquid down M.K.'s throat and this causes him to go back into the same memories from when he was on the opium.

But this time when it triggers him he doesn't almost die, but instead, it activates his Gift. He throws both of the men through a window and jumps into the same room with the Widow and Tilda. He looks at the Widow with his dark eyes and tells her "Remember what I said I'd do when I get my Gift back?" You know he's pissed and he shows it. He takes out both of her guards and then kicks the Widow over her desk. Thankfully for her, Tilda calms him down and as they grab Odessa make a hasty escape leaving the Widow to realize she has a big threat to deal with. What will M.K. do now that he has his Gift back? Will Sunny and Bajie be able to make it to help Henry in time? And where was the Pilgrim in all of this? Maybe we'll find out when Into the Badlands returns this Sunday on AMC.

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