Streaming giant Netflix recently held their first-ever global fan event which they branded TUDUM after the sound the platform makes when it's booting up. TUDUM was a showcase of everything Netflix has coming up in the foreseeable future featuring clips, trailers and news over 70 series, including a new trailer for Inside Job.

Some of the platform's heaviest hitters were featured in the presentation including a trailer for the latest season of Stranger Things and a behind-the-scenes look at season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. The three-hour event also made sure to offer a sneak peek at some of the new projects Netflix has underway and of them, one of the most enticing offerings was a new adult animation series called Inside Job.

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Following on from the success of Fox's stellar animation line-up featuring the likes of The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers the adult animation sub-genre has exploded in popularity. A host of new shows have emerged over the past several years from significant pop culture icons like Rick and Morty to more forgettable offerings such as Bordertown.

Netflix has already made several attempts to cash in on this trend already with varying success on shows like Big Mouth, F Is For Family and BoJack Horseman. Some of those shows have already achieved critical acclaim and cult followings and Inside Job already has a lot going for it ahead of its release. Perhaps the most significant weight the show will carry with it comes from the creative duo behind it, Shion Takeuchi and Alex Hirsch.

Takeuchi and Hirsch have a wealth of experience on hit animations having worked together to create Gravity Falls and The Regular Show. Both series have already accrued a cult following and those fans have a significant crossover with the adult animation fanbase especially when it comes to the show that appears to have been the biggest influence on Inside Job, the aforementioned Rick and Morty.

Hirsch is a good friend of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and Gravity Falls actually featured several Easter eggs for fans of both shows. Don't be surprised to see Inside Job offer similar fan service as the two worlds appear to line up nicely, right down the art style. Hirsch's latest series will also focus on the fantastical and scientifically implausible as it centres on an organisation known as Cognito Inc. who is essentially a fictionalised version of the deep state conspiracy theory.

Protagonist Reagan Ridley is a brilliant scientist who appears to be one of Cognito Inc.'s leading figures. Ridley has to contest with an array of supernatural, alien and Cronenberg creatures whilst juggling her incompetent co-workers as she bids to make the world a better place. The trailer sees Ridley being forced to address her own shortcomings when management partners her up with a spry yes man to help manage her team.

As you might expect things appear to get increasingly out of hand in the clandestine bunker with chaos running amuck before leading to an overall revelation of a conspiracy within the conspiracy as Ridley quips 'I don't think they're being honest with us about who's really in control'. The cast features Lizzy Caplan, Clark Duke, John DiMaggio, Bobby Lee and Christian Slater. Inside Job is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix where it starts streaming on October 22nd. This was one of many titles to be touched on at TUDUM.