We might have to pour one out for Inhumans before the show even officially airs. ABC and Marvel decided to debut the series in IMAX earlier this month in limited screenings ahead of the official series debut on September 29. Based on the overwhelmingly terrible response from critics to those screenings, it sounds like ABC may have pulled the plug on Inhumans already. So don't expect to see an Inhumans season 2 announcement. This looks like it is going to be a one-and-done mistake.

Neither ABC or Marvel have officially commented on the chances of a possible Inhumans season 2, but there is evidence that suggests they are already trying to put the show behind them. The folks over at RenewCancel TV noticed that the marketing for Inhumans has started to refer to the upcoming season as the "complete series," as opposed to the first season. So that implies that Inhumans season 1 will be the only season of the series that was at one point a highly-anticipated adaptation with a lot of potential.

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To say the least, Inhumans has already been a pretty serious disappointment, which is likely why ABC is going with the "complete series" wording. During the one-week-only IMAX cinematic engagement (which was originally supposed to be two weeks), Inhumans only made $2.8 million worldwide. Granted, there probably wasn't ever going to be a huge market to see a show in theaters that one could stay at home and watch for free just a few weeks later, but that is very low. It is no coincidence that the reviews for Inhumans, which currently holds an abysmal 7 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes, were brutal.

Another thing to note when talking about the possibility of Inhumans already being canceled is showrunner Scott Buck. He was also the showrunner on Netflix's Iron Fist, which was also panned by critics upon arrival. Though, that show did manage to find an audience and was given a green light for a second season. Marvel hired a new showrunner for Iron Fist season 2, saying that Buck was too busy with Inhumans to come back. Assuming that he is to blame for the poor quality of Inhumans, it's very possible that ABC decided to just cut their losses entirely as opposed to hiring another showrunner to try and clean up the mess.

At this point, even before Inhumans has even premiered on TV, one longs for the days that Marvel Studios was going to turn the Marvel Comics property into a movie. Kevin Feige has said that the movie could still happen, but certainly not in 2019, which was originally going to be the case before this TV series came to be. Even if Inhumans season 2 does happen, there is no denying at this point that it simply isn't going to live up to the potential that exists with Black Bolt and the rest of Marvel's royal family.