Be warned, if you are not caught up on the first half of The Walking Dead Season 4, there will be spoilers throughout the rest of this story.

The Walking Dead's mid-season finale, "Too Far Gone", showed us the violent demise of The Governor (David Morrissey), during his assault on the prison camp. With this evil character dead and gone, fans may be wondering when the comic book's other iconic villain, Negan, may show up on the series.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman confirmed that this leader of The Saviors will not be showing up in the second half of Season 4, revealing that there needs to be some space between The Governor's death and Negan's arrival.

"Well, there was a lot of breathing room in the comics between them. Whether or not we have the same amount of breathing room, or if we do cut that down a little bit and bring him into the show a little early remains to be seen. But I definitely do think there needs to be some kind of space from a Governor into a Negan. You have to have something of a break in there. So I wouldn't expect him to be showing up - definitely not in season 4. I don't know. I wouldn't expect it too soon. But we are all very excited about the prospect of bringing that guy into the show. The plan is that we will see him eventually."

In Robert Kirkman's comic books, The Governor's death happened in Issue 48, while the debut of Negan occurred in Issue 100. Negan is described as a foul-mouthed character who wields a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire dubbed "Lucille." He is responsible for the death of a major character, who is still alive on the AMC TV series. Could Negan show up in Season 5, or the inevitable but unannounced Season 6? Stay tuned to find out more about when the villain may surface.

It should also be noted that The Saviors' home base is The Sanctuary, which was referenced in an earlier Season 4 episode. Since Season 3 ended with a tease of the prison, it's possible that Season 4 may conclude with our first look at The Sanctuary, leading into Negan's debut in Season 5.

The second half of Season 4 debuts Sunday, February 9 at 9 PM ET on AMC.