Some new details have been revealed about the upcoming iCarly revival that's in the works at Paramount+. With production on the series now underway, what we know is that the revival brings back Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and Nathan Kress as Freddie. A new report at DiscussingFilm divulges some plot details along with some information on the new main characters that will be introduced.

Per the report, the new iCarly will be set ten years after the events of the original series in the "modern TikTok era of social engagement." Carly's web series will still likely be part of the show to an extent, but the show will be a bit more grown-up than the Nickelodeon version to appease fans who grew up watching the series that are now young adults. Reportedly, the focus of the show "will not be on Carly becoming a TikTok star, but rather it will explore her journey through her twenties alongside friends and family."

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Two new characters will also be joining Carly, Spencer, and Freddie. Their names haven't been revealed, but one of the two is Carly's new best friend and roommate. She is described as a pansexual character who dreams of becoming a fashion stylist after her wealthy family lost all of their money. She will also serve to "push Carly out of her comfort zone as they confront day to day obstacles."

Meanwhile, another character featured will be Freddie's step-daughter. She is described as "social media-obsessed, who sees the older Carly as washed up as well as competition to her small YouTube channel." Including this younger character could also be a way of creating some appeal to all audiences, bringing in some younger fans and newcomers to the franchise in addition to the older fans who are now adults.

iCarly originally ran on Nickelodeon for six seasons between 2007 and 2012. It followed a teenage girl named Carly launching her own highly-successful web series with the help of her brother Spencer and best friends Freddie and Sam (Jennette McCurdy). The series was a tremendous success for the network, earning nominations for the Outstanding Children's Program five times at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

After iCarly, Jennette McCurdy reprised the role of Sam in the spinoff series Sam & Cat alongside Ariana Grande. The series only lasted for one season before ending due to turmoil behind the scenes. It's not expected that McCurdy will be appearing as Sam in the Paramount+ revival, which is why a new best friend will be introduced for Carly. This could be, in part, because of the negative experience McCurdy said she had filming Sam & Cat. She has since retired from acting to focus on filmmaking.

The new iCarly will be exclusive to Paramount+, which launches on March 4 as a rebranded version of CBS All Access. Jay Kogen and Ali Schouten are writing and producing the series. Production has already begun on the new iCarly with Cosgrove recently posting a reunion photo with Trainor and Kress from the set. Filming will start in March. This news comes to us from DiscussingFilm.